Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hot date!

Tonight I went on a hot date with the cutest date around. Mike is at a baseball game so I was free to date around. Cason let me pick so I picked my favorite place. He made me share a cucumber sandwich though, which I don't normally do.

Then we went to the afterparty at market street. Sat night must be free sample night so Cason had another dinner. I wouldn't let him try the wine though.

Now we are home in the tub. Looking like an early bedtime for him!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cason walking

He walks with one hand up and one hand out. I guess it helps with balance. Very cute!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A quick catch up

I can't even begin to describe how busy the last few weeks were. I don't know how I had time to work full time before!

In a nutshell- I'm enjoying teaching althouht drafting 1 wouldn't be my first choice of class. I got reviewed and did really well and will be teaching 3 classes starting in July. It will be a lot without sonshine to help with Cason and mike being gone all the time but we will figure it out!

Cason is almost walking. He tests himself more and more each day and is getting steadier and steadier. I love watching him learn. He is the most adventureous when he thinks no one is looking. We Clean or go for walks or play on the driveway or go visit daddy at work. He's a wonderfully happy boy.

I don't have any great pictures because my camera is broken and I have been lazy about sending it in. In this one Cason climbed into his stroller and stood up and tried to reach for something. I didn't know he could do that but apparently nothing is off limits. That boy wants to climb! I think I'm going to need a swingset in the backyard soon!

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Anyone want some v8 splash?

Ugh. The #2 ingredient in v8 splash is high fructose corn syrup. #2!!!
Of course, I discover this after I have purchased two of them. I guess I better start reading labels closer. I thought this would be a good juice for Cason.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacuum fail

I was cleaning fast and furiously when I saw a spider in casons play area.

A huge spider.

Approximately the size of my hand.

I dd what any one of you would do and sprayed him with an entire bottle of hairspray until he drowned. I thought hairspray wa supposes to make their legs stick together so they couldn't move but he seemed to be getting around just fine until the puddle of hairspray was so big he couldn't get out if it.

Then I decided to take the vacuum and suck it up. Quick and easy. Well that went just fine but I also decided to run the vacuum around the whole corner in case the spider had a whole family living in the corner.

That's when the problem began.

And really, where it's ended.

It won't come out.

I suppose I could try and take off the end of the vacuum but I'm afraid the spider will attack me. Naturally.

So that's how it sits, 4 hours later. I'm waiting for mike to come home and fix it. I asked him to please leave work and take care of it for me. But today's a crazy day. It would be.

Maybe I should call his boss and tell him about my delema.

Pastor Craig. Could mike please leave his very important staff meetings to help me remove the blind chords from the vacuum and possibly be attacked by a man eating spider.


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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Playing on Shiloh's bouncer. Yep. They are a little big for it. Nope. It's not made for two.

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