Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Changing your health- getting started baby steps

I started wondering... are the foods God put on this earth in the first place the foods that we are supposed to be eating?  All this time that we have spent making food more convenient by putting them in packages and processing them until they never go bad- are we really just supposed to be eating what God created in the beginning.

You have probably heard a lot lately about how bad processed food is for you and that there are chemicals in our food and products that may or may not cause cancer.  And I get it.  It feels like we are going to get cancer no matter what we do or eat so we shouldn't try and "cut out" the bad stuff- because there's just too much to deal with.

It's okay if you feel that way.  It's overwhelming and frustrating as you start to research and I hope to convey that baby steps are the key.  Do your own research, come up with your own conclusions- but do some reading... please.

Here's where I started- they are all available on netflix:
(also there were a bunch of articles but I didn't bookmark them, sorry!)

 These are in no particular order except for this first one- start here.  I thought it was so interesting.  Learning food can heal your body.  Amazing.  But it makes total sense- why wouldn't it?  God gave us medicine in the form of food.  Just watch it.

 I watched this one recently- its a series of talks about food- some of them are really short so it makes it easy to watch when you are cooking or something.

This is the documentary that made me start juicing.  I think almost everyone that watches it starts juicing.  It's well made, not boring, and has a lot of very convincing arguments about why we should all be juicing.

I don't totally remember this one but it's just something else to add to your research.

 I think this documentary is arguing for the vegetarian lifestyle and even if you are very opposed to that- watch it.  There's still great info and research in it.

Oh my goodness.  This documentary is amazing as it talks about using food to heal our bodies from cancer and other diseases.  The research and the history that is presents.  It is truly a miracle.  

There are actually a lot more but I will have to look them up because I didn't keep good notes.  I didn't start out trying to change everything I ate- I was just curious what research was out there for changing it.

So... what was my conclusion after all of this?  (P.S. I watched the documentaries while I was working at my real job so I'm sure there is still information that I missed)  Well, I know you can't believe everything you hear or see.  And I know there are many documentaries that are made with a political slant.  So I kept all that in mind as I prayed about what changes God wanted me to implement in my family.

The documentaries didn't agree on everything.  They presented lots of information but here are the things they all did agree on: we need to be eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables.  They talked about different percentages but somewhere in the 75% of our diet range.  Seriously!  I think pretty much all of them talked about the benefits of juicing, I think they all agreed to be careful with dairy and get rid of milk altogether, use meats in moderation and make sure they are good quality- like the very best quality you can buy, get rid of processed food and sugar.  I have never ever read one thing or watched one video that says that processed food and sugar should be part of our diet.  At. All. 

So here's what I'm trying- I am juicing.  I did a juice fast at the beginning and now I try to add in at least 1 glass a day.  I am trying to eat meat as a side dish vs. the main dish- vegetables to fill up the plate and just a small amount of meat.  I have tried to cut out processed food and sugar.  I'm a sugar addict so to replace white sugar I use honey, agave, and fruit juices.  No bread or grains.  There was some disagreement over the grains in the videos but I chose to eliminate them.   I try not to eat out a lot and when I do I try and pick a salad or something without the items listed above.  I still cheat some, and I try to be practical too- I don't want to be the girl that can't eat anywhere or brings my own salad in my purse every time I leave the house.  

I want to make more changes but this is what I started with.  More on juicing later!

Please ignore any incorrect sentences or spelling mistakes.  I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance while I type.  It's a bit distracting. 

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