Thursday, September 5, 2013

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe and Label Reading

I found this cookie recipe this week and decided to try it.  Peanut Butter isn't on my list of things that I should be eating or do eat- I don't like it that much and it really isn't that good for you but I really wanted to try this recipe!  Dates have never been something that I eat or cook with but recently they seem to be appearing in many of my "healthy" recipes.  I think because they add sweetness and they blend with the flavor you are cooking them with- but that's just a guess.

I thought these turned out really good!  Mike even ate them and didn't know there were dates.  I just used dried dates I found at sprouts.  I did add the optional chocolate.  Everything is better with chocolate.

There's a small note you might not be able to see but it mentions that you should read the labels and look for a peanut butter with no added sugar.  Like I said, I don't eat peanut butter (but do buy it for C and M) but I have never really looked at the labels.

So at the store this week I read the back of all the peanut butters.  I finally found one that only had peanuts and salt listed in the ingredients.
Then I went home and looked at the one I had in my pantry.  Peanuts, SUGAR, Palm oil, salt.  That is the Skippy all natural one!  So I know you are wondering why they need sugar and oil if you can make peanut butter with just peanuts and salt.  That's a great question!

I don't know the answer.  And this is just one little example.  The more I start reading the labels on the "all natural stuff" the more I am seeing "sugar" or something else listed that isn't so natural.  

I saw some "all natural" coconut water at the store packaged for kids.  I trusted the brand and I was so excited that I could get Cason to like coconut water with some 100% fruit juice added.  But guess what- I read the ingredients just before putting it in my cart and it's full of sugar!  Boo.  Processed sugar isn't natural folks.  It's been taken so far from it's original form.  And that includes white granulated sugar but even "sugar in the raw" and "organic" sugar. 
In my unprofessional opinion- unless they are swirling a piece of sugar cane in there straight from the plant- don't eat sugar, yo.  
Honey, molasses, pure maple syrup.  Switch to one of those.
Processed sugar feeds cancer.  Don't take it from me.  Do research.  Please, please, please!!!

I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist.  I don't know everything or even most things.  You don't have to listen to me.  But if you have questions, I'm happy to help you find answers... and I'm always happy to give my opinion :-)

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