Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quick and All Natural Homemade Air Freshener

I seem to be on a roll making homemade stuff lately.  It's not that I have tons of extra time- I enjoy making things, plus I enjoy the healthy benefits!  

I would hardly consider this homemade because it took approximately 1 minute... or less.

Get a spray bottle.  I like THESE for the air fresheners because they are pretty and a good size.
Add about a teaspoon of epsom salt in the bottom (regular salt would work too) add about 8-10 drops of Purification Young Living oil in the bottom and let it sit for a minute. 
Fill with Water.

Purification smells great but it doesn't cover up the bad smell- it kills it.  So it's gone.  

I keep one of these in each of the bathrooms plus near the diaper pail... and in the kitchen.  It's safe enough for your kids to spray in their mouth (fabreeze.. not so much, unless you like the idea of formaldehyde in their mouths)

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