Friday, July 4, 2014

Ningxia Nitro Smoothie Recipe

For some reason I was inspired to make a smoothie with some Ningxia Nitro.  It turned out to be so delicious that I had to share.  I can’t even pinpoint what the key ingredient was so you have to make it just like this.  Kidding.  Switch it up and see what you get.  The key is to try something.  It’s fun.

smoothie recipe
I used one banana and estimated on the strawberries and blueberries.  I put  a little water in so it wouldn’t be too solid. 

Yes, I used my ninja blender and yes, it is made of plastic.  And yes, I know you are not supposed to put citrus oils in plastic but I feel like the super strength ninja blender plastic will be okay.  Also, I dropped the lime on top of the banana and let is soak in for a bit before blending. 

And I think the lime oil may be the key to this whole recipe.  I can’t be certain.


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