Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Young Living International Convention 2014

Last week I got to go to Salt Lake City for the Young Living Convention.  I was so excited to go because I’m a dork and I love conventions.  I wanted to see everything and learn everything and explore Salt Lake since I haven’t really been there before.  

Couple of things: these pictures are totally out of order because it takes me forever to get them in order… AND I’m a terrible picture taker- it’s true.  I blame my phone camera but it could just be me.
phone 7114 085
Here’s my roomates for the week.  We just arrived at the airport and needed a selfie while we waited on our bags.  Suzie, Melanie & Stephanie.  You can check out Stephanie's post about convention HERE.  Her post is much more organized and interesting. (In fact, I don't know why I'm continuing with this, but here we go)
phone 7114 089
Here’s some of the Young Living Naturally team at the opening launch party. 
 phone 7114 087
The theme this year was Live Your Dream.  And guess what one of the new oils is called… Build Your Dream.  Yea!
phone 7114 086
They had these big statue things that have all the different ranks with our names beside them.  The pins you get for each rank look just like that- except way smaller. 
  phone 7114 123
I am a Silver rank and it was fun going to convention in one of the ranked spots because I got to find my name on the board.  There were over 1,000 other silvers there so no one was following me around asking to take pictures with me or anything… it was just fun!
phone 7114 172
So here’s where the order thing is a bit crazy.  On the last day of convention we got to go to the farm in Idaho.  They grow lavender and hyssop and some other things here that they harvest and distill for the oils.  We got to walk around the farm, walk through the plants, touch, smell, see- everything that goes into making these oils. 
phone 7114 171
Any of you could go see it also if you happen to be in the area. 
 phone 7114 165
Hyssop plants?
 phone 7114 164
This is my lame attempt at a selfie.  I’m horrible at them and I should just give up.  Behind me are thousands of seedlings- possibly of lavender.  You can go and help plant them for the next harvest.  What other company lets you do that?  Nothing to hide.

 phone 7114 161
They had a little jousting fun on the farm.  There were lots of activities for kids and some fun entertainment.
 phone 7114 157
How beautiful is this place?  I love mountains. 
 phone 7114 151
Before we went to the farm, we stopped at the Young Living corporate offices for a tour and the warehouse.  This is the front of the warehouse.
 phone 7114 149
Inside the warehouse- Suzie trying to capture a selfie with the cool picture. 
 phone 7114 141
Love this billboard we saw on our way to the farm.
 phone 7114 136
On our last night they had an awesome party- nitropalooza.  If I could plan an awesome corporate party I would do it just like this.  There were 3 stages spread out with circus type performers on each one.  I love those people that swing from the fabric but my favorite was the hip hop crew that performed on one.  There were tents with activities for the family and food spread out everywhere.  At the end- a Train concert that was a lot of fun!
 phone 7114 121
Some new products- These are 2 oil sets- Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release designed to help people with PTSD.  We heard some AMAZING testimonies about these oils.
 phone 7114 120
Here’s another new kit called Reconnect.  It has some new oil blends that were created to help adults and children that are having trouble connecting to their environment and the world around them to… reconnect. 
 phone 7114 119
This is Kendra- we are waiting in line to get our Ningxia slushees.  This was the before picture, I forgot to take an after picture- we were moving too fast after!  Ningxia slushees = delicious.
 phone 7114 118
This is a new diffuser designed by Gary.  One of the staffers told us all about it and it’s really cool and simple to use.  I have 3 diffusers right now so I need to wait before I get another one. 
 phone 7114 115
Something else new- an animal kit!  This has everything you need for animals oils, shampoo, ointment… One of the coolest things, I think, is a spray you spray on before going on walks or sending your pet outside to keep other animals away.  We don’t have pets but if we did I think this would be useful.  Also, all the oils in the kit are already mixed with a carrier oil so they are the proper concentration for pets.
 phone 7114 113
And this set- the one everyone is going crazy for.  The kids set!  6 oils for kids that are pre-mixed with a carrier oil to be the proper strength for kids.  C loves being able to roll on the owie oil himself.  There’s one for sleep, bites, owies, tummy problems, focus and sniffles. 
 phone 7114 111
One day they had a panel to tell us more about the Freedom kits and give testimonies from people who had been using the oils.  I loved hearing all the stories. 
phone 7114 108 
In one of the big rooms they had a little “village” set up so that you could wander through and see all the products.  Each room was decorated to the theme and had lots of staff to tell you more about the products.  You could touch, taste and smell everything. 
 phone 7114 106
One night there was an awards gala and it was “formal” attire.  We all got to buy dresses and have a great time!  There was even bottles of ningxia red on the table.  That’s my kind of party!
 phone 7114 098
This is my silver award.  I knew we would be getting something personalized but this is so much prettier than I expected.  It’s really heavy too- so heavy I had to hand carry it home because it put my suitcase overweight.  Well that and lots of new product!
 phone 7114 096
Posing in front of the convention logo.
 phone 7114 185
This is a packet of the ningxia I keep talking about.  A security guy found it in one of the bins as he was stacking them back up and was about to throw it out.  We don’t let that stuff go to waste at our house so I gladly grabbed it and drank a strangers drink.  Oil people are good people.
 phone 7114 184
Here’s another new product that came out.  Pancake and waffle mix made with Einkorn wheat- the most ancient wheat that hasn’t been genetically modified like the wheat of today.  I can’t wait to learn more about einkorn.  I’m fascinated with food that’s more natural- our food today sure doesn’t look like it used to.
 phone 7114 181
Our last morning there we found a cute breakfast shop.  So cute that I wanted to take a picture. 
 phone 7114 177
Lovely lavender growing at the farm. 
 phone 7114 175
Suzie taking a selfie at the farm.  Everyone needs a lavender selfie!
Our week was go go go.  We had events from morning till night.  I hardly talked to my family at all because we were busy.  Somewhere in there I realized I wasn’t really tired.  I stayed up even later than usual and got up at 7ish.  Maybe it was the oils?  Maybe there really is something to these oils.  Also could have been the 8+ oz of ningxia red I had each day!

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