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Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner


I recently co-hosted a facebook class (with Stephanie over at Peace Joy and Oil) on the topic of Thieves cleaner and I wanted to put together a quick post with a few of the highlights.  HERE is a link if you want to check it out!

thieves class header

I should probably make a note here that I hate cleaning.  Not in the “it’s such a drag” kind of way but in the “it’s no fun and I won’t do it” kind of way.  I ALWAYS pick working or crafting or watching movies over cleaning.  Like, seriously if there’s anything else in the whole world I could do before I clean, I will. 

So, shall we say, it’s not my “strong suit”. 

However, it must be done.  I say that to say- I’m no expert when it comes to cleaning.  But if this cleaner can clean up the big, set in, crazy messes at my house- it will work for you too!


So WHY do we want an all natural cleaner?  Well, most cleaners have chemicals, and those chemicals can be harmful.  It feels like every time I watch the news I hear more about some chemical that causes terrible side effects to people who use it.  I mean, not all people have problems with using these chemicals but even if there’s a 50/50 chance- why not try and find something better? 

Here’s a few of the chemicals found in our cleaners I’m not a fan of:

chemicals 1


chemicals 4


chemicals 3


chemicals 2

So what do we do?

reduce exposure to toxic chemicals

What is Thieves cleaner?

thieves- about

Here are some of the ways I use the thieves to clean my house. 

how we use thieves

Thieves cleaner comes in a concentrate and you pour a capful of cleaner concentrate into a spray bottle and add water.  That’s your cleaner.  The bottle of cleaner shown here makes over 16 spray bottles of cleaner!


Even people who have used thieves cleaner for awhile don’t realize that it works great to clean glass and mirrors.  No streaking! 

glass cleaner pic 

Anne used the cleaner to clean her grout!

Thieves Cleaner testimony 

Stephanie used it in her new carpet cleaning machine.

  carpet cleaning  

It’s a great fruit and veggie wash too.  Fruit and veggie wash can be expensive- and it’s good to wash your fruit and veggies.

  vegetable wash

And then we like to make our own recipes for stuff.  Like laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent.  We are crazy like that.

detergent recipes

and a few other fun recipes for when you are out of thieves cleaner.  Essential oils work great too!  (oh, and the thieves cleaner has essential oil in it)

additional recipes

So you are wondering…. How much is this miracle cleaner??? 

 thieves price graphic

Seriously- that’s a great price!  Under $2 for a bottle of cleaner.  The chemical filled ones are more than that!  And this bottle has replaced every one of my other house cleaners.  Before I had one for kitchens, one for toilets, one for bathrooms, one for floors… you get the idea. 

One bottle!

I sound like a salesperson.  But really, I believe it or I wouldn’t write it! 

  wholesale order

 order retail

Get your cleaner!  Try it out and let me know how you like it!  I KNOW you will love it just like we do!

Check out my website for more information on Thieves.  Especially check the Thieves vs. mold tab under Essential Living.  Good Stuff. 

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