Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Interview with Peace Joy & Oil


I decided to interview my friend Stephanie over at Peace Joy & Oil.  Stephanie and I have 5 year olds that are adorable friends so we try and schedule as many playdates (aka, adult conversations) as possible.  Hope you enjoy meeting Stephanie.  Check out her blog as soon as you get a chance! 


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Who are you?

Stephanie Heady, wife to Chance (my High School sweetheart); mom to my favorite 3 kids in this world, Christian (12), Reed (9), Chloe (5).  I love The Lord with all my heart, soul and strength!  I love to watch my kids play sports.  I love to be together as a family whether that means at the dinner table, a sporting event or getting ice cream.  I also have a passion for ending human trafficking and helping friends and family find healthier alternatives.


What do you do when you are not taking care of the kids?  

Recovering...ha! That is a hard question Cat.  I spend a lot of time doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning that is technically for my kids.  I spend the rest of my time usually on the computer.  I love to create graphics, powerpoints, and write on my blog.  

When did you start using Young Living?  

Last Summer (July 2013)

What is your favorite oil?



What has been a good benefit of using the oils with your family?

Health!!!  2013 was a very hard year for my son Reed.  He was sick practically all year.  He would ask me why he was always sick.  When I found out about oils I knew we had to give them a try for Reed.  He has been healthy ever since!!!

What is your favorite Young Living product?

Ningxia Red - Antioxidant drink!  AMAZING!!!

ningxia red

Do your kids like using oils?

Yes, they do and they talk about them to friends, which always cracks me up.

Does your husband think you are crazy?

He did for about a year.  He is just now coming around to see that they work and even asks for them now instead of medicine.  (He was on board from the beginning to try them on Reed)

If you could do anything to help change the world what would it be?  

End Human Trafficking!!!  The Lord pressed upon my heart a couple years ago that human trafficking was happening all around us.  He even provided a way for me to travel to India with Rahab's Rope ( to work with women there.  It was a life changing trip.  

What is your favorite part of being a part of the Young Living business?  

I never dreamed that I would have a Young Living business!  I loved the product and people started wanting some so I would tell them how I got my oils and before I knew it, bam...I had a small business.  My favorite part is the friends I have made and get to do life with now.  We are one big Oily Family.  It is also so fun to meet someone new and find out they are oily too.

If people wanted to start with just one thing- what would it be?

My favorite, Peppermint!  I'll warn you though you won't be able to just try Peppermint though.  You will want lemon, lavender, frankincense, Joy, Thieves,....  Cat you should probably tell them how to get the Premium Starter Kit!  This is how I got started and I am a bit of a tight was, so I'll tell you it is a great value.

Thanks Stephanie!


Stephanie has a great deal going on this month!  Check it out and contact her for more details!  Here’s her Blog or you could send her a private message on facebook.  Hurry!  Only a few weeks left in September!

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