Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School Survival with Essential Oils

opening slide
I wanted to post some of the slides from our back to school with Young Living oils class so you can have a quick reference to these great recipes. 
Here’s the link to the class so you can check it out.  There’s even a video to watch! 

So take a look at these oils and of course- if you have any questions- let me know!

If you need to order some of your own oils you can check this out.
and if you want to read some more information you can check out my website.
college survival
 focus booster
 stomach bug

strep throat
pink eye
ear infection stick cold and flu bomb
cough syrup
head lice
    wellness blend
 nasal allergy spray
 brain power
Disclaimer: It’s like this- this is what we use in my family, but I encourage you to research and make your own choices for your family.  Take your families health into your hands.  I’m not a doctor and I’m not your doctor.  Your families health is so important! 


Unknown said...

Are you allowed to use peppermint as cough medicine for children? my girls are 4 & 5

Kimberly Leared said...

What's v6?

Susan Yackley said...

V-6 is a Carrier oil to dilute oils before using.

Susan Yackley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ros azniza said...

I have child 2 and 4 years old..can diy cough syrup can be taken by both of them

Lindsay Boychuk said...

Hi, My child 5 year old son has had a dry cough for some time now. What oils would you recommend and it what proportions? Frequency?

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