Sunday, May 11, 2008

Once a Month Cooking

My new favorite thing- Once a month cooking. Search for the cookbook on amazon and get started. The idea is that you spend one day cooking and have meals in your freezer for a month. The cookbook gives you a grocery list and step by step instructions on how to do everything. Most of the recipes serve 4-6 so my mom and I split the cost and the cooking and it was much easier. I think after we split the grocery bill it cost $150 for 30 main dishes. Before you start assembling the dishes, you chop all the veggies and meats and have all your ingredients out so putting everything together so much easier. While it's a long day cooking, it's so nice to have your dinners already planned out and ready to go with minimal cooking or heating up. Give it a try!

Thanks for your advice, but...

I didn't take any of it. I'm such a jerk. Not that I didn't completely respect your opinions, but once I got all the stuff on the shelf, I didn't feel like taking anything off of it, so the shelf stays. Also, where the bench sits in the picture, there is now a dining table there so the bookshelf separates the dining area from the living area. Eventually, I will get a buffet to go there that's lower and opens the whole room up but that will probably be awhile. So, I hope ya'll don't think it's terrible!

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