Friday, July 30, 2010

New coffee table

I re-arranged the furniture in the living room and needed a coffee table so I moved the Nelson bench in.

Then I moved it out.

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Future gymnast?

Cason loves to climb on anything. The higher the better and he shows no fear!

Here he is sitting on top of our magazine holder.

And the dismount.

He might become a rocket scientist or something too. Here he is playing cranium. It's a very advanced game... Requires higher level language skills. I'm not tryin to brag but... That's a pretty smart kid.

It's possible he might be a magician too.

Is this your card?

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hotel zaza

We went to hotel zaza to stay the night for a mini vacation. Summer has been a little crazy and with my new teaching schedule my summer break didn't fall during a time we could do anything. So, that brings us to why we really just wanted to get away for the night.

I've wanted to stay at zaza since it was built. It's very themed and fun.

Here's our bed. It was a big room. Not a great view but we didn't pay for a great view.

We had a sitting area with a full size sofa and this chair and this awesome lamp.

There was a desk too!

We went to the Dragonfly restaurant at the hotel. It's rally nice and super yummy and the best part was, Wednesday nights are 1/2 off the entire menu. I said we were celebrating my birthday when I made the reservation so they gave us a dessert of mini cupcakes!

I had a spa treatment- reflexology. It's basically a foot massage and it was pretty much the only thing I could afford. When I got back I found this-

I love my boys.

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Splash time

We got Cason a splash table.

Putting it together was a bit of a challenge.

And once he started playing he loved it!

Taste testing.

Maybe a swimsuit would have been a better clothing option.

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Just thought this was too cute not to post.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The cabin that Jesus built

Many people I have talked with over the past few days have been to falls creek for camp. It's a cool place. Churches in Oklahoma have built cabins there and you rent a cabin for your group.
I don't know what to expect... At all. I had seen a snapshot of some of the cabins online so I knew it would be plain. It is after all, camp.

Here is our quaint little cabin. It's one of the cuter ones. I think it was built in 1930 but the rest of the cabins look like world war 2 bunkers so I liked the homey look of this cabin.

Here's our kitchen with our cook hard at work. The kitchen had everything she needed so she was happy.

All of this would have been fine and good had it not been for this thing next door.

You are probably thinking what I am thinking- what a nice community building. I bet the kids enjoyed having their bible studies in there. Thats what I was thinking. In fact, as soon as I dropped off my stuff at the cabin I was ready to head over there to the Starbucks that was most certainly inside.

It's not a community space. It's a cabin. First baptist Ada's cabin. They felt that in a camp full of WWII bunkers that was the appropriate thing to build. Fully equipped with plasma tv's volleyball and basketball courts and who knows what else. Seriously?! I didn't speak with anyone about their decision to build that (the tour wasn't until Thursday and I left Tuesday) but it seems a little out of line. It's not that it's new it's that it's modeled after one of the Disney resorts. If this were Disney village thats perfectly acceptable, but this is a place to go and focus on God.
Our kids had to wake up every morning and gaze upon that huge structure and wonder why those kids got all the cool stuff.

At least our cook was better.

An we have the awards to prove it.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

One Crazy Summer

I blinked and July is 1/2 way over.  What happened?  Like a million things and I don't remember most of them.

- Cason is 16 months old now.  He's finally developing a vocabulary which consists of Mama, Dada, banana (pronounced nana), Brown bear (while handing me the book), Lolli (pronounced lala), bath (pronounced ba), there are more but I can't think of them right now.  He has quite a few signs he does as well.  So far, he doesn't say any of the words that he signs, guess he figures he doesn't need to.  He points and grunts a lot also.  How do you stop the grunting?

- Summer is a very busy time at church.  There's always a camp, or a lunch, or something going on.  Cason has gotten to spend a lot more time with the kids at church and he loves being the object of their attention.

- Cason and I spent a day at Merge camp in Sherman- great camp and great kids.  We enjoyed running through the pouring rain with the kids to rec.  We also enjoyed 2 days in Falls Creek Oklahoma at jr. high camp.  It was, um... rustic.  I probably would have never noticed when I was in Jr. High but when I come with a baby, metal bunk beds and muddy floors look a little different.  The kids were great and so was the food.  The chefs were my mom and sister- and the rumor is that they won some prizes in a cooking contest.  More on that later.

- I ended my first quarter teaching and enjoyed a 3 week break.  This week I started a new 3 day a week teaching schedule with Drafting 1 again and picked up Drafting 2 and Intro to Interior Design.  I'm not sure how this 3 day a week teaching thing will go but so far, so good.

- We got new, new floors.  The bamboo is gone.  The bamboo I never really got a good picture of is gone and brand new tile is in.  New tile in the kitchen, living room, and entry.  New tile that sits on top of our living room that is no longer 5" below the rest of the rooms in the house.  New baseboards to complete the look and a new ceiling paint in the den.  About a million touch-ups on the million paint colors we have in the house and this may be the last remodeling we ever, ever do.  More on that later.

- In like 3 weeks I turn 30.  I'm not excited.  More on that later.

I wish i had pictures, my camera is broken, my computer is gone, and i'm tired.

Good night.

Friday, July 9, 2010

This is what happens when...

You give your child your "empty" Starbucks cup from your vanilla soy no water chai tea latte.

It was kind of a mess. But he was happy and I was happy.

The end.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My fridge is in my den

My garage is filled with furniture. There is flour and sugar in my bedroom. I could bake a cake in the bedroom. If my oven wasn't in the garage.

That's all I have to say.

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Sneaky little boy

The easiest way to look out the window is to stand on the bedside table.

Sometimes the best spot to relax is IN the dresser.

Cason demonstrates the proper way to use a rocking chair.

Finding a quiet place to hide is sometimes hard around here. It's a little easier when you can fit in the cabinet.

I love seeing all the different places he decides to explore!

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