Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tales of a Broken Nose

Though I will attempt to blame this on Cason, the truth is it was probably all my fault.  It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nose.

We were just playing on the floor.  I was laying on the ground on my back and Cason was climbing on me.  We were laughing and playing and he was perched on top of my knees until he lost his balance and fell backwards.  The back of his extremely hard skull his my nose... and only my nose.  It felt like a bowling ball had fallen from 3' and smashed into my face. 

I rolled over and grabbed my nose expecting it to be missing or flattened into my skull.  I remember saying "I think I broke my nose" and feeling terrible pain.  Cason was crying but mostly because he was startled by the fall.  I'm not sure how my nose didn't leave a divot in his skull.

That was late Wednesday night a week ago.  I took some advil, added some ice for a few minutes but it hurt too bad to have ice sitting on my nose.  I had to keep looking in the mirror to make sure my nose was still there.  oh, the pain.

The next day I decided to document my possible broken nose journey.  I realized that I don't look at my nose that much because I couldn't really tell if it was swollen or not.  Maybe a little puffy.

 This is Friday morning.  One black eye.  The side I sleep on. 

 Very thankful for my friend Bobbi Brown this morning.  I don't know that I have ever used these three products together.  They are intended to be used together but I typically use each one separately.  Today, I needed all three- base, color corrector, concealer, and powder (not shown). 
After makeup.  Not bad.  I mean, it just looks like I missed a spot with my concealer- or I let my eye shadow flake under my eyes.
 And that brings us to Saturday morning.  Two black eyes.  Very nice.  My eye lids are black too.  Or purple rather. 
 After makeup.  Better.  Not great but better.  I thought this would be the worst day.  Isn't day 3 always the worst??  Ha.

And here's day 4.  Sunday.  There are so many things wrong with this picture.  There are reasons why people don't take pictures before they put on makeup- much less with black eyes.  Ew.  It hurts me to look at it.  This is about blogging though.  This is about the people.  I did this for you.  It's humiliating but it had to be done.  Do you see that my eyes are some kind of disgusting green yellow?  Lovely.  
 After makeup.  Here I am at church.  I asked the 2 year olds to please refrain from throwing toys at my face.  Just for today.  Hmmm, still looks green to me.  gross.
 Hi sweet pea.  Thanks for breaking my nose.  I still love you.
And that's where my pictures stop.  I couldn't bear it anymore.  They eyes have gotten worse every day since.  "That's not possible" you say.  Well I can tell you that it is.

I went to the doctor yesterday and it turns out, it is broken.  Not in the way where it is totally offset to one side but in the broken and only slightly offset with a bump.... like Owen Wilson. 

Okay, not like Owen, I don't even know that I can see it.  My helpful doctor said that she could see it.  I'm going to an ENT dr. next week mainly to make sure that it won't cause problems in the future.  It still aches, especially at the end of the day.  That's weird since you don't really use your nose.  It's not like it hurts cause it's been working hard all day.  Maybe smelling is harder than I thought.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring break with the Harveys

During spring break mike turned 32 and Cason turned 2.

Not to be out-done, I got a broken nose. And two black eyes.

More details and pictures later.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I needed a fishA beta fish to be exact.  I wanted this fist to swim in a bowl which I already owned and be a centerpiece of a table decoration at C's birthday party this weekend.  Something fun.  Something to talk about.  I figured C might like to watch the fish swim too.

The family was out and about and I asked to go by the pet store and pick up my beta fish.  (I had already gone to Wal Mart against my better judgement because they used to sell fish but not anymore). 

At Pets Mart we were greeted with a wide variety of fish.  Mike decided that a goldfish was a better choice for us and I picked out the very special goldfish that would live in the bowl which I already owned.

When the Pets Mart lady came to retrieve said goldfish she mentioned that goldfish would only live 2-3 years in a bowl and approx. 12 years in a tank.  She did not recommend a bowl.  I refrained from mentioning that I was just hoping this goldfish would last through the weekend and I was not planning on having him as a part of our family for the next 2-3 years much less 12 years. 

So what's the perfect fish for a bowl?  A Beta.  That's what I thought.  Back to the Beta section to pick out the perfect Beta.

While I'm looking at the fish trying to decide which color Beta would look work best with my party color scheme, Mike has found the cute Beta "tanks"... and the rocks.... and the plants....  In his opinion the bowl we have at home was not going to work for our new pet.  We needed this small glass box designed for beta fish. 

The helpful Pets Mart lady said that our fish would be "less stressed" if we had an ugly fake plant in the box. 

The last thing I want is a stressed out Beta.

So, we leave Pets Mart with a Beta, a Beta box, marbles, an ugly fake plant, Beta Food, and Beta Water purifier.  If we had stayed any longer we would have left with a giant tank that cleaned itself.

Does that look like a stressed out Beta? 

I didn't think so.

I wanted you to notice that this tank is no ordinary glass box, no.  This box came with it's own light.  A light that the Pets Mart lady said the fish did not need but it does reflect nicely off the blue marbles I picked for the bottom (they match the color scheme of the party). 

Our fish is a boy (of course) and since I did not get much of a say in his environment I figured I should get to name him- and I was going to pretend like he was a girl- the only girl in my household. 

Mike said since he was blue we should call him Dirk.  Cason said "Hi Dirk".  And that's how I lost that battle.

Cason does love Dirk.  He talked to Dirk more than he talked to me.  It's really quite cute.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


These vitamins taste so good I want to eat more than the recommended 2.

Yes, they are mine.

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