Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching Up

Whew, It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  It’s Thursday and the adrenaline that’s kept me going is wearing off and I’m trying to piece my home back together.  Here’s some of the highlights.

Cason turned 3!  I’m still amazed that we made it this far.  I’m working on putting together all the party pics over on the Everything Design blog  but here’s a preview.

party for blog

It was a carnival theme and we had so much fun!

cason edit

He’s getting to be quite the basketball star!

Also I’ve been helping out with the new student building at our church.  It opened last weekend and it was a sprint to the finish.  Here’s the lobby-

lobby for blog

Again, I’m working on a post on Everything Design to tell you all the details.  There’s a great story and theme that runs through the whole building including colors and materials.  There’s also a great story about how we got clearance to move into the building at 2:30 Friday afternoon and moved all the furniture before our 5:30 event start.  It was awesome to see everyone pull together to make it happen. 


This is our pastor and executive pastor helping arrange chairs… on a Friday… their day off. 

And on the foster front, we are down to our last 2 classes + we need CPR.  We had a fire inspection last week and had a few extra things to do at the house but for the most part that went well.  I feel like it’s taking forever to get through this process although it hasn’t been going on that long. 

I’m still trying to finish the nursery- in fact, I’m about to start working on it some more.


Hmmm, I have a better picture than this but I’ll have to go find it… Or better yet, take a picture after I work on it today. 

I’ll try and keep up with this blog better now that a few projects are finished up. 

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