Monday, January 31, 2011

So much to say...

Do you ever feel like you have so much to do you don't know where to start? I do. Typically I do nothing when I get like that. That's how I feel with blogging, way behind so I don't know where to start. So, I'll start with a cute pic of baby c.

What happened? When did he almost get to 2? He's acting 2 even though he technically isn't there yet. When he gets mad, he will throw himself on the ground and roll around crying. I just walk away. Don't know if that is good pArenting but thats how it goes at my house. I've also noticed that he will stiffen his body and straighten his arms above his head when he doesn't want me to pick him up because he realized that made it harder for me. It's quite irritating.

Did I tell you that i. Teaching 3 classes and not really working at the firm anymore? I want to figure out how to get some design work back in- especially on days like today when in my class of 3 students, 1 had car troubles and didn't show up and the other 2 didn't bring their projects that are due cause the didn't understand the directions... Which is bull. I don't think they realize what is going to happen when I take 50% off for being late. Most days I like it though.

There's more to say but I better get back to class. More later.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Best. Movie. Ever.

Okay, maybe not the best but it's up there. I was sitting in church on Sunday wishing the choir would bust out in this number. If our music minister decides to add it to the repertoire then I will be there to do the rap part. It's my dream.

I'm serious- I'll do it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Addition

Check out the new addition to our living room on my design blog. 


I was flipping through pictures to find the most perfect and beautiful pictures of our Christmas decorations and I found this one.  It wouldn't be right to show my clean house if I didn't show you this first... since it is how the house looks 99% of the time.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

I'm so behind on posting.  I'm a little overwhelmed by that.  I have a bunch of Christmas pictures that I intended to post as they happened and now Christmas has come and gone and no one cares about our family Christmas but I'm going to post them anyways.  Baby steps.  Maybe by March I can knock it out.  I'm overwhelmed by a lot right now to be honest.  I have projects I want to do, goals I want to accomplish, things that need cleaning, folding,straightening, cooking and crafting.  I feel like I'm constantly moving and working yet I'm not getting very much done.  Then at night when I want to crawl into bed and watch TV like a zombie I feel so guilty that I'm not up accomplishing things. 

Deep Breath.

Now to what I wanted to tell you.  This Christmas I tried a craft project with Cason.  I love crafts and I'm sure some people think we have a daily craft time at my house and let me assure you- one day we will- but for now, I'm too afraid to bring out the paints and markers for fear of the mess. 

I got brave and decided we could paint the brown craft paper I was using to wrap presents.  This way we could wrap grandparents presents in personalized paper.  I stripped cason down, covered the entire kitchen table in the brown paper and got out my silver and gold paints.  Red and Green would have made more of an impact but you know what happens when red and green paint gets mixed (ugly) and those colors didn't match my other presents (and we can't stray from that). 

I even made a potato stamp so C could stamp hearts on the paper. 

 I had to make some of the marks because C only really wanted to color in one spot.  Hand prints were the most fun and probably the part grandparents would want to see most. 
            As I'm typing this I realize that I should have cut out a hand print for me and put it in a little frame.  Now I'm irritated at myself for not having that little treasure.  Ugh.

 Very proud C with his finished work.  He went straight to the bathtub after that!
I also should have had a picture of the wrapped present but I don't.  Here is a pic of some other stamping I did on the brown paper. 

I stamped the LOVE on one package then outlined it in glitter pen.  The package below it is the one we wrapped in C's paper but you can't really tell.

I encourage you to try this project next year.  Lots of fun and really quite easy.  It cost $0 since I had all the supplies.  Just remember to save yourself a hand print!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Before and After

Just wanted to show you some sweet pictures of C and a little photoshop stuff. 

The boy that lives next door is in high school and is interested in photography.  He's got a great camera and loves taking pictures so I love letting him use C as his model.  He shot some photos while cason was playing in the yard the other day and let us have them.  They turned out so great- I really have no idea how he got shots like this and every photo I take C has his eyes closed. 

Here is one shot:

I love it but I thought I would try to give it a little boost. 

Now I really love it.  Boost is exactly what it is called in Pioneer Woman's Actions for Photoshop.  It's super easy, just the press of a button and bam- lots of color pop.  If you are not reading this womans web site, you really must.  Packed with great stuff. 

Here's Another:
I think this one is cute but I don't love his facial expression.  To me, when people are not smiling in photos it looks too "directed"... Like the photographer is in the background saying- "Give me a sexy face" and the person in the photo immediately wipes away the smile and pokes the lips out.  Hello, smiles are sexy people.  You look nice, approachable and pretty when you smile. 
Sorry, excuse my rant.  I guess I have been looking at too many senior pictures lately.  I know he isn't being directed here, I mean, he's not even 2!  I picked this one to play with because I thought I could get some good color pop. 

I boosted and sharpened this one using her actions but I also sharpened his eyes and added a little color to his lips.  I think his bright pink lips look so cute in the other shot and he was looking washed out in this one.  I was trying to make sure he didn't look like he was wearing makeup.  Then I added a little blur around the edges and I like how it turned out.  Oh, and I cropped it before I did anything.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


With fistfuls (yes, that is plural) Cason waved his hands in the air. Waved them like he didn't care.

I have some cleaning up to do.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Office Help?

You can read this article.  You might recognize one of the names... it's mine!  Someone called the Art Institute and wanted one of the design instructors to comment for their article in Panache magazine.  Since I am the only design instructor, I got interviewed.  I made it clear that my experience is in commercial work and I don't deal with as many residential clients but she didn't care and said I had very good points.  I believe this magazine has been out for a couple of weeks and I have recieved 0 (as in zero) calls, emails, texts, facebooks, or other sort of communication to tell me how much they learned from my insightful office commentary.  I have also recieved 0 (as in zero) people begging me to create the perfect home office design for them.  I'm sure all those messages were left at the school and I will get them when I get back.  I will say that althought I have recieved 0 (still zero) calls, the author did a great job putting my comments in a way that made me sound somewhat intelligent- which I can promise you I did not on the phone. 

Enjoy the article!  Home Offices- Panache Magazine
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