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It wasn't that long ago that the last thing I wanted to be was "healthy" and "natural".  Then for some reason I watched about 30 documentaries on food and what we are putting into our bodies.  It totally changed the way I felt about what I was feeding myself and my family and the chemicals I was using to clean.  Even if the documentaries were only 1/2 true I had a lot of things that needed to change.
It's a slow process and I don't have it all right.  I totally changed the cleaning supplies I used, the food I ate, started juicing and using essential oils instead of medicine when I could. 
I'm going to keep it real, sometimes I'm good, sometimes I'm not so good.  
Hopefully I can inspire you with some simple steps to adding some natural alternatives into your household.


I don't really like the word crafty.  After I got 2 degrees in interior design I thought I worked too hard for my work to be called "crafty".  But let's be honest, it's what I do.  I scrapbooked all through high school before it became really popular (and way before it became unpopular again), I love to design and craft and re-arrange, and create graphics and party plan.  I created tiny tutus on toothpicks once for a party and now sell them on Etsy.  You can buy them here... but don't (they are a pain to make).
My name is Cat, and I am a crafter. 


We are all a little crazy around here, and that's how I like it.
We love Jesus.  Like, a lot.
I like to re-arrange my furniture, make complicated recipes with lots of ingredients, and I hate to clean... so I don't. 
Mike is a youth minister and we spend a lot of time at the church.  My kids might think they are youth.
Our daughter Z is adopted through the foster care system.  It was a crazy, emotional, exciting and wonderful experience.  
We love to travel but don't have the funds so I find great hotel deals and we sneak away for a night here and there.  Now my son thinks we should live in a hotel.  Probably because they clean it every day.
I love to watch movies and TV but I never do it without working on something else like one of my jobs or laundry or some crafty project.
I hate sports... but I like sports movies.  
I hope no one ever things that I have it all together.  I don't.  No one does. 

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