Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Church

It took me 10 weeks to start going back to church. My whole life, I've never missed church for that long. On Sunday mornings Mike has to be there at 8:00 so I don't have his help getting the baby ready and it's also one of the 2 mornings each week that i get to spend with Cason. He's really happy in the mornings and I love playing with him and watching him laugh and smile. So, getting up and rushing out the door didn't sound like a lot of fun. But I was missing church and my friends and I knew I needed to be there so here's a little bit about how the first few weeks have gone. By the way, I'm only trying to make it to Sunday School at this point which starts at 11.

Week 1:
Get up and get Cason ready. Feed Cason then I need to get ready. Cason screams throughout me getting ready and the whole drive there. Manage to get in the car with diaper bag, wallet, keys, and phone. Get to church, i'm late so i have to park really far away and haul the heavy carseat across the parking lot. Drop Cason off in nursery for the fist time (remember, he's been crying for the past hour). Walk 1/2 way to sunday school and realize I don't have anything in my hands. Where are my keys? Walk back to the nursery and search through diaper bag for keys. Found them! Walk 1/2 way back to sunday school and realize I don't have my cell phone, even though i had written my number largely on his sticker in case they needed me. Too embarrassed to go back in and check my bag for it. Made it through sunday school and pick him up. He was great, find cell phone in plain sight in my car.

Week 2:
Manage to get up and get both of us ready. Jump in the car and head to church early. Realize I forgot cell phone at home, turn around and get cell phone. Get to church, drop Cason off get to Sunday school and realize I don't have my cell phone. Don't know where it is. Probably with my Bible, which I don't have either. Notice my friend walk in with her 2 1/2 week old looking radiant, baby weight gone, and he slept peacefully the whole time. I go to pick up Cason and get a report that he was pretty fussy and did not like his bottle at all. I think the whole nursery heard him. So much for the cute travel bottle. So much for trying to give the illusion that my child is perfect and never cries. Find cell phone in plain sight in car... am I asking for someone to steal it? I think I should just watch church on TV.

Week 3:
Decided to try going again, postpone TV idea for another week. Get up and get both of us ready. Feed Cason right before we leave in order to avoid having to give a bottle at church. Manage to get both of us to chruch, get a good parking spot, and get him checked in to nursery. Remember cell phone but leave bible at home. Apparently he did pretty well but got fussy at the end. I can handle that.

I know that many of you more experienced moms are wondering "what is this girls deal?" I have no idea. I'm a perfectly organized person who is used to balancing lots of things. I can plan parties for 300+ people that cost more than I make in a year and I can't get my household in order enough to get to church on time with everything I need. What in the world!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

For Mike's first fathers day he got a new toy:

I picked it up from sears on Saturday along with some burgers and fixins from Market Street and brought it home to surprise him. He loved it and then the conversation went something like this:

"Happy Fathers Day! I hope you like your new grill. We are having people over for burgers tonight so you need to put the grill together"

"okay cool" "um, the package says it takes 3 hours to put this thing together"

"yes it does"

"they are coming in 3 hours"

"Well, you better get started"

I'm a great wife. So thoughtful.

Well, he got it put together in time and the burgers were great. I think we will have a lot of fun with this toy.

Here's dad hanging with his little man.

And there's Cason tired after a long day.
I love my boys!

Baby Food Making

I saw this cool babyfood maker when i was pregnant and thought it would be fun to make my own babyfood. My parents got it for me for one of my showers and I couldn't wait to use it.
It steams the veggies or fruit then purees them to make the food. Last night I decided to give it a whirl with my friend Crystal who's baby Carsyn is 11 weeks older than Cason. She will be ready for solid food soon and I can just save mine in the freezer until Cason is ready.

We researched the best food for 6 month olds and choose to make Butternut squash, zucchini, apple, pea, and sweet potato purees. Here is crystal preparing the squash that has been roasted. Most of the items have to be steamed except the squash and potato which needed to be roasted (thanks to nanny Linda we had that ready for us when we started). So we started steaming and pureeing the veggies and putting them in ice cube trays to freeze.

Here's our finished products. HOw long do you think all of this took? 4 hours?

Wrong! We started around 6:20 and we were done before 8:30... including most of the cleanup. It was so easy and so much fun. I want to puree everything now. I just finished popping out the purees into plastic bags and I think that was the hardest part. My friend at work gave me some peaches from her yard and I think i'm going to make peach puree.
All you really need is a steamer basket and a food processor but the babyfood maker sure does make it easy becuase you can do everything in one pot and it's easy to clean up. A great web site is Nuture Baby if you want to see some recipes. At this stage, it's not really a recipe so much as "cut zucchini, steam, puree". Eventually it gets more complex.
If you need any babyfood making tips or want to join in the fun, let me know. It's more fun to work with a friend so we may be having babyfood parties once a month!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New trick

Cason learned a new trick today. Hand directly to mouth. Yesterday he was still hitting himself in the face trying to make it to his mouth. today, he has it down. I'm so proud. Now I need to carry around the hand sanitizer for him!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

More help.

Thanks to everyone for all your help when I have issues. Here's another one. Does anyone else have problems with leaky diapers when baby starts to sleep

for longer periods during the night? I think be would sleep even longer if he wasn't soaking wet in the middle of the night. I tried a bigger diaper tonight so we will see how that works.

Picture was placed randomly there by my phone. It's a funny pic though!

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Chargers big day

Sitting in the window sill and relaxing with cason. Where did I get this dog?

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Thursday, June 11, 2009


From day 1...

To day 85...

He's grown so much (about 4 pounds)!

Another picture from my (un)professional photo shoot. All I had to do on this one was crop it and make one of the corners black.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 3 Months, Cason.

He's 3 months old today. Yea. It's a miricle I have made it. I haven't had professional pictures done yet so this afternoon I decided I could do it and I had a photoshoot with Cason. Turns out, I'm not a very good photographer and I don't have a great camera for this sort of thing. I put my boppy on the table on our patio and put a black towel over it. Cason did great, he may be cut out for this supermodel thing (is that what all stage moms sound like at this age?). He smiled a lot and posed and didn't cry at all. Unfortunatly, I really do need a better camera. The picture below is photoshopped so don't look too closely. I smoothed out the towel and added the black above his head so you can't see the table. More to come...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Smarter than the Baby

Seems like every time we sit down to eat Cason gets hungry or fussy too. Funny how that works. Well, he loves being outside so I put him in his stroller and put us outside for dinner one night and it worked beautifully. he was happy, we were full. We even stayed out for another 30 minutes while I sang to him. I should probably go apologize to the neighbors but Cason loved it.

our wonderful dinner- see, even the candles are lit.

here's cason enjoying the outdoors. the pictures outside come out so much better because of the lighting.

I just thought this was a cute picture. It makes me wonder "does he have a jawbone?" i hope so :-)

Fat Pants and other Life Frustrations

Cason seems to be getting more fun every day and is discovering the world more and more. I love the way he looks around with fascination at every new thing. It makes me appreciate everything around me a little more. As with every stage of life, this one brings new frustrations and that’s what I will talk about today.

Fat Pants: It’s true, I still don’t fit into my pants and many other pre-pregnancy items in my closet. Well, I take that back, I fit into a few pants if totally unbuttoned and unzipped with a bellaband counts. I’m sure it takes people all different lengths of time to get back into their clothes and I’m probably not far behind most people but it’s quite frustrating. Maternity pants are too big and everything else is too small. “Just go by some bigger pants” you say. Well, it’s not that simple. I love clothes, I love shopping and I love getting new clothes… but I’m incredibly cheap. Pretty much every item in my closet costs under $20 and most are closer to the $10-12 mark, even pants. I shop at one store (The Gap) and I walk in (or online), head straight for the sale rack and grab my size of things I like (that are $10 and under) and head out. No trying on because I know my size well there. So, in order to buy fat pants I would have to do several things: go shopping with an infant for clothes, try on a pair of pants (does a stroller fit in a dressing room), and pay money for something that I will only wear temporarily. It was hard enough to do that with maternity clothes, I’m not about to do it now. So, for now, please ignore my stretchy yoga pants or tent like dresses and know I’ll be back to my old self eventually.

Shoes: In the same way as my clothes, most of my shoes don’t fit currently either. My flats fit just fine but my heals… not so much. What’s even more distressing about this is, I’m not sure if my feet have grown or are just fat. I hear that many women’s feet grow and don’t go back after pregnancy and I’m not sure if this is the case. You’d think the way I was carrying on I had a closet full of Jimmy Choo’s but they are just from Target. But they are cute and I love them and I haven’t worn heals for 9 months and I want them back! (picture me crossing my arms and stomping my feet- in generic black stretchy flats).

Aunt Flo: Yes, I realize that for normal breastfeeding postpartum women, she doesn’t come to visit until after the breastfeeding is done, or at least starting solids. I know this because when she came to visit 2 days ago I read about a million articles on the internet hoping to find out that I was normal, but no, I’m abnormal. As if I don’t have enough postpartum hormones floating around in my body, let’s add in the ones that she brings. Ugh.

Hair: Did you know that pregnancy hormones or prenatal vitamins make your hair thicker? Well, not exactly, it makes less hair fall out so it appears thicker. I read that after pregnancy your hair might start falling out a lot then go back to normal. Since nothing in my pregnancy was typical I didn’t really think much about this. Well starting last week I’ve been losing hair like I’m going bald. Every time I run my hands through my hair tons of hair comes out. I’ve been leaving chunks all over my house and shower. I do hope this stops before I am bald. Someone please remind me why people voluntarily get pregnant over and over again?

Smell: I’m driving to work this morning and I suddenly think “is there a dirty diaper in my car? Attached to me somehow?” I smell dirty diaper all the time. Also, spit up, milk and sweat are my new perfume. Yuck. I know it’s yuck, you don’t have to tell me. I put on fresh clothes every day (well most every day) and I shower as much as possible yet I still smell. I’m going to have to start wearing perfume to mask the smell that I’m putting off. I feel like everyone I’m around must be thinking “What is that smell? Make it stop!”

I have more but I think I’ll stop here. This may be a reoccurring post. I have so much to be thankful for and I’m in no way trying to be ungrateful, but life’s frustrations are much funnier… well you have to laugh through them anyways.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birth Announcement

I had high hopes of mailing a birth announcement out but I was unable to multitask to that level. The sad thing is I designed one and had it ready except for the picture and information and i STILL couldn't get it out on time. In the age that we live in I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable to post a birth announcement on a blog... right? So, check out what would have been my announcement below and admire my mad photoshop skills!

By the way, circles and lines in photoshop are not hard at all so please don't be too impressed. :-)

Just because you can't get enough

I'm sure that everyone is longing to see photos of my cute child so here are the most recent ones. I finally caught a picture when he was smiling which i'm learning is very hard to do. Most of the time when he's smiling i want to be smiling back, not taking pictures. These are actually on my camera phone but they are pretty good for a phone.

This is how he fell asleep on my lap the other night. i thought it was so cute.

The problem isn't the amount of hair, it's the length. we can comb it all we want but the minute he lays down, it's messy again. I don't want to cut it though becuase I'm afraid he still loose his hair so for now, he's just going to look very un-kept most of the time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to the "real" world.

It happens every year. June 1st. It used to be a monumental day, one of the best days of the year. The official start of summer. Yes I realize that the official "official" start of summer isn't until mid June but when you are in school, June 1st is what counts. So why, after being in the real world for over 5 years, am I still sad at the beginning of June. I guess after 23 years of school, it's a hard routine to break. See, today, the beginning of summer, I'm at work, like I am ever day. There will be no change, no different hours, no sleeping in, no staying up late, nothing. Same as every other day, except now, we sit under fluorescent lights and look out the window and think "hmmm, it looks warm and sunny out there".
I think colleges should do a better job of mentioning this before we choose a major. On your first day, when you sit down to declare your major, they should look you in the eye and say "Think about this decision... if you are a TEACHER you work the same schecule as when you are a student. That means all summer you don't have to go to work, yet you get PAID. Think long and hard before you make the decision to do anything else."
Luckily, I love what I do but it doesn't make summer any easier. Oh how I long to be sleeping in, laying by the pool, and doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Although with a baby, I think those days are long gone anyways.
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