Monday, December 6, 2010

Is it just a stage?

Cason is obsessed with Finding Nemo.  Obsessed.  Every morning when he wakes up and walks through the den he begins requesting "nemo, nemo".  after breakfast he continues to request until it turns into a screaming fit of rage.  Same thing after nap and any other time of the day we are in the house.  I don't know how long this will last or if it is the beginning of him falling in love with the TV.  If so, I need to put a stop to it now.  If it's just a passing thing, I will avoid the screaming fits and let him have a little Nemo.  It's frustrating because he never really watched TV until last week when I put nemo on so I could finish cooking. 

Please tell me some of your kids have had similar things. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wish List Shoes

I live a happy normal like with my clearance rack jeans and my target shoes.  I don't need more... I rarely want more.  But I do want these.  Really bad.

Are they practical?  Probably Not.  Are there other sequin shoes out there?  Probably so.  Why do I want them?  I seriously have no idea!

They are sequin UGGS. 

I blame my mom.  When we were growing up we were not allowed to get the brown leather jacket with the map on the inside... or Jabeau jeans... or even a hypercolor shirt.  I was deprived of all these things that made someone in Jr. High cool.  Now I need the approval of the jr. highers.  So really i NEED these shoes... or else I shall go the rest of my life seeking the brands that will make you popular to fill the void in my life that a lack of Guess jeans left.

I have no idea how much these shoes are.  I cannot look.  I'm thinking they cost more than I spent on my kitchen table. 

Disclaimer: I was not deprived as a child.  Please do not judge my mother for not providing me with these things.  It is mostly not her fault I was not cool in jr. high.  We were dressed just fine in our Gap clothes....unfortunatly Gap was not that cool for Jr. Highers.  Even though I am aware of my issues, I'm doing the same thing to my child.  The sales are just so good.

Disclaimer 2: I will not be getting these for Christmas.  I already know that.  It just helps me to share sometimes. 
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