Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mission Trip to Portugal


So, I don’t remember if I ever posted about this trip last November so I’m going to post about it now.  I also want to announce that I am going back on another trip to Portugal in October.  This crazy summer and kindergarten prep hasn’t given me much time to even think about the fact that the trip is coming closely and also that I haven’t thought about how I am going to pay for it. 

I am hope to write this and show you a little more about why I love Portugal and why I’m going back.  I hope you will feel led to pray for the people of Portugal and the trip.  If you also feel led, you can help fund my trip by sending a donation to the church.  Every little bit will help!

First Baptist Colleyville

Att: Susan Evans

5405 Pleasant Run

Colleyville, TX 76034

Please put Portugal Missions in the memo line and my name somewhere in the envelope but not on the check. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And now, a little about sweet Portugal!


As usual.  The pictures are out of order so let me tell you a little about this trip and then you can see the sights.

5 people from First Colleyville went to Coimbra Portugal last November to bring Thanksgiving to Portugal.  We were working with missionaries there MG and Cristi.  They think of great ideas to engage people and create community.  So we went to cook Thanksgiving dinners and invite people over to the house to feast and fellowship.  We cooked 5 American dinners for 5 different groups of people and they came over, visited, we prayed together and they built stronger relationships with the missionaries there. 



I saw this bag on the train.  It made me laugh. 


I love Europe so much.  The history, the architecture, the food.  It’s wonderful.  We were in the city of Coimbra for the majority of the trip but the last day we went to Lisbon and toured there.  I have pictures from both cities.




Here we were touring a castle.


A little “restroom”.  I’m assuming this is a men's room.


Lots of hills to climb!


A beautiful church with no roof.




The churches in Europe…. amazing.  Most of the early history of architecture revolves around churches- but that’s another post!


This elevator was designed by the guy who designed the eiffel tower. 


There is no starbucks in Coimbra but there was in Lisbon- so I went a long week with no soy vanilla chai.  Long.  Week.


This is actually the Madrid airport.  It’s architecture is fantastic!  I love the use of color.  The seats are horribly uncomfortable.


A little game after dinner.


I don’t make pies normally but I did here- it was thanksgiving after all!  I was very pleased with how it turned out.


This was a beautiful bridge in Coimbra.


The whole group!




So many beautiful doors in portugal.  I could make a whole blog post about doors.


This is what so much of the city looked like- beautiful buildings, mosaic tiled streets that were full of pedestrians.  LOTS of walkinghere.


I think Michelle was too tired to move.


We got to tour a really cool underground city… or former city.




This was one of my favorite cafes- or at least my favorite decorated cafe.



Another one of my incredible pies :-)


Sometimes we were so hungry yet so busy, we had to multitask.


Pumpkin cake balls.  So American.


My friends always look cute in selfies and I look ridiculous.  Not sure why.


Lots of stairs.


Where’s Michelle?


More stairs.


Dance contest!


Not all the pies turned out perfectly.  I’m sure I didn’t make this one.  I’m also sure we covered it in whipped cream and called it delicious!


The Thanksgiving Buffet!


Y’all, this city is so beautiful!  Everywhere you go it looks like this. 


This was the little hotel room that Mike and I stayed in.  It had an upstairs and downstairs.  Super cute and every corner of space was used.  There was even a miniature kitchen.






And this- there were cafes everywhere stocked with delicious pastries.  Like seriously, there were more delicious cafes on every corner than there are Starbucks around here.


And I’ll end with a beautiful church. 


The October trip is a little bit different than the Thanksgiving trip.  I am going with 4 photographers who are taking family photographs for lots of different families.  The last day we will have a party and give them photographs as a gift.  It’s a great way to minister to families and create community.

I know you are wondering why I am going- since you can tell my photography skills are nothing to celebrate. 

I’m going to assist- to cook or clean or visit with families as they wait for their turn… anything and everything that I can do to help, I will.  Maybe I’ll learn some photography tricks too!


Please let me know if you have any questions about the trip and please be in prayer for us as we prepare and especially for our friends who are already in Portugal- most of the prep work falls on them.

Friday, August 15, 2014

How I Accidentally Started Selling Oils

accidentially selling

It sounds funny- but it’s true.  I didn’t start out to sell oils… or anything besides what I made with Everything Design.  Apparently this is a pretty common story for people who use Young Living.  Everyone starts with the product.  They love the product.  They share the product.  Then one day they look up and realize they have a business.  But even if it all went away- they would still use the product.

So let’s start at the beginning.  My friend Kendra introduced me to oils.  I called her when I needed other options for keep my kids healthy because the prescriptions weren’t working.  She’s a good friend.  I ordered a kit and I told her- I just want the discount and I want to help her- but I wouldn’t ever be able to make money doing this.  Wouldn’t happen for me.

phone 7114 085

Here we are in Salt Lake City for convention.  I said I would never get to go to one of these…

The week after I ordered a kit, there was a class at a chiropractors office.  I invited a few friends because we had just been talking about making ourselves and our households more natural.  I think 3-4 ended up coming and after the class, they all wanted oils also.  So they got some.  And they became my “team”. 

Then a few weeks later there was another class, and more friends wanted to find out more.  So they went to the class and purchased oils and the team got a little bigger. 

This whole time I’m using the oils and trying out new products and loving the benefits.  I’m trying new products because I was getting checks in the mail from sharing something that was helping me.

And so were other people. 

And those people were telling people.

And suddenly my checks were more than I was spending on oils each month.  And that’s a great thing!



This one time I told Kendra- “I will NEVER earn an aroma complete” (pictured above).  That’s how little confidence I had.  I thought I could help her earn it but there was no way I would.  Well, that’s mine in the picture.  Kendra has one too.  And one of my friends is about to earn hers.  You get it when you reach a certain rank.  A rank I was sure I would never reach.  Here are some details.


So why didn’t I resist more.  Why didn’t I refuse to “sell”. 

Um, are you crazy?  I’m getting paid to tell people about something I like.  Do you know how many times I have told people about things that I like for FREE.  The only person getting the benefit of my advertising is the company.  Um, let’s see.  I’ve probably “sold” about 5 juicers, some dyson vacuums, tons of makeup, clothes, dry shampoo, books, hotels, restaurants… I could go on.  I love to tell people about things I like and no one sends me a dime.

Which is fine.

Because I’m going to share what I like whether I get paid for it or not. 

Here’s the other thing.  I’m not offended if you don’t want oils… Or my fav dry shampoo.  I just want you to have the opportunity to hear about something awesome. 

It’s the right thing to do. 

So I’m excited about my business.  I love getting paid for sharing what I love with friends.  I love that I get awesome healthy products paid for.  And I love that it’s been the easiest business I have ever built.  I’ve met some great new friends in the process too!

And if I wake up tomorrow and the business is gone- it’s just me and a bunch of oils.  I’ll still use the products.  No question.

phone 7114 127

My goal for convention next year.

Now I’m all in.  I have goals.  I want the WORLD to have better health and less sick days and more energy and control over their own wellness decisions. 


OF COURSE- contact me if you have any questions.  Never any pressure.  everythingdesign(at)hotmail(dot)com

Or go HERE for tons of info.


Want to know more about the comp plan or the opportunity?  You can check it out HERE. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Adoption Day!


This post is super late- but that’s pretty typical around here! 

Back on May 16th we adopted our Zoe.  You will have to scroll back a year and I believe I talk a little about when we got the call to pick her up from the hospital as a foster baby.  We didn’t know much of anything when we took her home at 14 days old but we didn’t care- she was our baby for as long as the Lord wanted her to be!

adoption announcement

So, after fostering her for a year, her parents rights were officially terminated and we became a number in a stack of paperwork waiting for the adoption.  There were a few things we had to have inspected at the house but mostly, we were waiting for someone to make a copy. 


Then, once we got “approved” for adoption we went to the CPS office and signed paperwork that basically got rid of CPS but we still had to wait for a court date.  Then a month later, we got court scheduled.


On your court day, you all go to the courthouse and stand in front of a judge and it’s official! 

We didn’t know what to expect at the courthouse or how long it would take.  I had asked for a lunch appointment because I really wanted to go to a fancy restaurant in fort worth to celebrate after (typically the adoption cases are first thing in the morning).  They had graciously accommodated my request and I think I made lunch reservations for 1.5 hours after we were schedule to be in court. 



So everyone goes into the court room and stands in front of the judges desk and he asked us a couple of questions about how we felt about Z and asked C a question about being a big brother and that was it!  We had already signed all the paperwork and so the judge just asked if we wanted pictures. 


He was so kind to take as many pictures as we wanted and never made us feel rushed (I believe it was his lunch hour) and stayed and visited with us.

The bailiff brought out a present for C- the piggy bank- and that just made his day!



Visiting with the judge.


Our attorney presented the information to the judge. 


We loved our attorney!  If you need a name of a great family attorney then let me know! 


Here’s our first official family picture!


Here we are with our amazing CASA worker and attorney.  Y’all, look into being a CASA volunteer.  It’s a great way to work with kids who need help.


And our caseworker for our foster agency, Mark with Arrow.  We highly recommend Arrow for a foster/adoption agency. 


So from start to finish- our journey from foster to adoption was 14 months.  It was a rollercoaster but I’m so glad we had that experience and I’m so glad we have Z.  She’s pretty much the coolest baby ever and I can’t believe we get to raise her. 


If you think you are not cut out to be foster parents or adoptive parents, think again.  It’s not about YOU.  You don’t have to have your whole life together.  You just have to be willing to let your world be shaken up a little bit.  So, pray about how the Lord wants you to help orphans.  There are so many different ways you can help!

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