Monday, August 11, 2008

Our latest House Project

Here's the before picture. Sooooo boring!

In progress. This was our first time to tile with the exception of the few mosaic art pieces I have made. The process isn't hard- by that I mean you don't have to be extremely skilled or have been to tiling classes but it is very time consuming, messy, and requires a lot of energy. Since Mike did most of the work, I found it particularly easy.

Above we were gluing the tile to the wall. Below is the finished product after it was grouted.

I can't believe how great it turned out! We still need to paint but it makes a huge difference in the kitchen. We also got stainless outlet covers and mike installed those as well so it's all coming together! Anyone want to help us paint?


Linda said...

It is beautiful! The new tile really brightens up the whole kitchen. Good job! Mom

Anjolee said...

That is SO pretty! I am going to make Chris come look at this tonight. I may need to add another project to his list.

Connie said...

So nice! Mike is getting pretty skilled at all of this handyman stuff. I like that he does what you tell him to do!

DesignKat said...

Wow! What an amazing difference. Looks fantastic guys....good job!

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