Thursday, January 29, 2009

Relache Spa

Last Friday was a great day. I had a Dr.'s appointment that morning and everything looked right on track. This is the first time in my life I actually enjoy going to the Dr. Then Mike headed off to a youth retreat in Houston and I headed off to the spa.
I had gotten a gift certificate to Relache Spa which is inside the Gaylord Texan. I had always heard good things about it and was very excited to try it out for myself. I booked a "mellow mama" prenatal massage which they use specialty products designed just for pregnant skin.
I park in the special spa designated parking and in the back entrance and check in at the front desk. The girl there then takes me through the frosted glass doors and we stop at another counter back there with more people waiting to greet me. I fill out my paperwork, which was very short by the way- a lot of places have you fill out 3 pages just to get a massage, not the case here. She assigns me my locker number and asks for my shoe size so i can be fitted with slippers. I tell her and she asks if my feet have been swollen and if I'm sure that is the size I want. Some might be offended by that but I actually really appreciated it. She was right, my feet have been swollen and the size larger fit nicely. So, she walks me back to my locker and gives me my comfortable robe and slippers and tells me where everything is. I change to my robe and slippers and take a tour of the huge bathroom equipped with several large showers, restrooms, a hair station, a teeth/mouth station, steam room and sauna. Amazing. I grab some citris flavored water and settle in to one of the comfortable chairs and read a magazine until my therapist comes to get me.
We head back to the treatment room which was very nice and she has all the pillows i need waiting for me- you have to be extra propped up when pregnant which i don't prefer but it is more comfortable at this time. She tells me about all the products she will be using and lets me smell them so i won't be caught off guard. There is a massage oil, thick body lotion for my stomach, eye gel, and cuticle cream. The massage was amazing, that's all there is to it. I have had a few maternity massages and this was by far the best one. When it was over she asked me what kind of water I wanted, this time I tried the cucumber.
After that, i headed straight to the slumber room. This room was worth at least half the cost of the massage alone. A dark room playing peaceful music with really comfortable chairs and waffle weave blankets. i picked a chair next to the fountain, turned down the lights and began to slumber. it was amazing! If i could put one of these rooms in my house i would. i know you are probaly thinking "um, that's called a bedroom" but it was much different than a bedroom. in a slumber room, you can escape from reality and be wherever you want.
When i was done slumbering i reluctantly changed back into my clothes and headed home. I decided that i would have had a much more enjoyable pregnancy if I could have gone there every week. If you get the chance, I encourage you to go!

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Steph H. said...

Wow, this sounds amazing!!!

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