Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors and other reasons why my house is a safe place to be

I have to be honest, I’m watching MI3… or is it 4 with my husband right now and I desperately want to zone out and do nothing but if I have a blog I need to actually write something on it every once in awhile.  Since I am watching a movie, you will have to excuse spelling, grammar and any run on sentences, like the first sentence I wrote.  Whew, now that that’s out of the way let me give you an update.

James 1:27  …take care of widows and orphans…

This verse came up in BSF this week and it reminded me again what the Lord has told us to do.  And not just “us” either, you too.  I know it is not possible for everyone to take children into their house but the Lord calls you to take care of widows and orphans- that’s going to look different for every person so I encourage you to seek the Lord in what that looks like for you. 

Okay, so here’s what’s been going on with us. 
We have one more class on Thursday to finish up all our training.  We have CPR the next Monday.  We have 2 online classes we need to complete, FBI fingerprinting we need to have done, some paperwork we need to sign and a home study to complete.  As I type all that it sounds like a lot but we are actually at the end.  Crazy, right?

A couple of weeks ago the Hurst fire inspector came by and toured the house.  We had some things right… like the fire extinguisher pictured below, and some things wrong.
I wish fire extinguishers came in cooler colors that matched my kitchen.
So after our preparation, we still have to put a smoke detector in every sleeping room.  We had only put one in the hallway because that’s what I had read somewhere.  We need a safety gas can for our lawn mower gas too.  Apparently the plastic ones allow fumes out which can spontaneously combust at any moment causing a fire hazard.  We can either buy a safety can or build a shed in the back.  Which is the most safe.  It is also the most expensive. 

Let’s see.  I had to get a box that locks to put every last bit of our medication in.  Safety First!

After all of the above steps have been completed we can get on the waiting list to get our first child.  I’m still expecting us to be finished around June 1st- at least that’s my goal. 
As we get closer to the end of the process I wonder why anyone that isn’t truly committed to taking care of children would want to become a foster parent.  It’s hard work! 

I hope to have another update soon!

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