Monday, August 26, 2013

What A Year!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last blogged!  A lot has happened- though that's not really an excuse.

So lets rewind a year and I will give you a quick overview and then we can move on.

My sister got married at the beginning of September, two days later, we got our first foster kids!  We took in a 2 year old boy and a 9 month old girl bringing my total to a 3, 2, and almost one year old.  It was chaos almost instantly!  Having kids that close together is hard for almost anyone- at least I'm assuming- and having kids that have been raised in another home for a few years and then moved to ours made it extra challenging.  A challenge that comes with foster care and one of the reasons they need good foster homes!

These kids stayed with us for 4 months and then ended up going back home.  It was a hard 4 months.  Being foster parents can be fun and rewarding and challenging and frustrating and exhausting.  Sometimes all at the same time.

A few months later- we got a call for a little girl!  She came to us in March and we still have her.  She's a doll and a great addition to the family.

Unfortunately with foster care I can't give many details and can't show any pictures.  Trust me, she's cute!

Meanwhile I've been working hard building a business of Everything Design.  It's been a fun journey and I have seen so much growth this year- growth that I can't take much credit for because I haven't had time to advertise.  The Lord has helped me grow.

I really want to start writing about some changes we have been making in the family to our food and cleaning and just trying to live healthier overall.  So my goal is to add some tips and tricks to help you if you are looking to baby step your home to natural living!


Dina said...

Glad to see an update! You have had a SUPER busy year!

Courtney and Stephen Osborne said...

Yay! You are back. I want to hear about your healthy recipes and all that fun jazz.

DesignKat said...

Yay!! An update!! Welcome back. I know you have had a crazy year but so happy to hear from you. Hope we can get together soon.

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