Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I love waiting for LOST each week. It's by far my favorite show and even though my brain is too small to comprehend everything that happens, I still like trying to figure everything out.
So, we heard last week on the promo that "Someone will die this week" and my question is: Who do you think it will be? My guess is Michael. I have my reasons but I don't want to influence your decision so leave a comment and tell me who you think.

I have recently discovered the best web site ever. It's called Lostpedia and it is a complete reference to everything Lost. It's not a cheater site so secrets won't be given away but you can search anything Lost and it will give you a very descriptive answer. I like going on the day after lost runs to read the synopsis of the episode and there are always things I missed. It's also a good place to find screen shots of the things you want to see again. I just went in and typed "numbers" and got a definition of what that means for Lost as well as a list of every time the numbers appear- broken down by "numbers used all together, used individually, etc." So cool!

Oh, my other prediction is that Jin is not really dead. I think the grave was made for him when the news released that flight 815 had crashed and they were just visiting it. But who knows.

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