Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall TV

It's no secret I like to watch TV. I'm not going to hide it or pretend like I don't love to watch my shows because that would be wrong. I didn't grow up watching a lot of TV and I'm thankful for that but I am making up for it now. I figure I better get it in before kids come along because it might be awhile before I get TV time to myself. Lots of watching comes on Saturday morning while Mike is asleep and I'm taking care of the dogs, the rest is during the week, after all my household duties are finished (of course) and Mike is watching ESPN or something.
So, I want to share with you my Fall TV lineup (another reason I love fall) so that if you are looking for a new show, maybe I can help you choose one.
One Tree Hill- Mondays at 8- Love this show!
The Starter Wife- Fridays at 8, starts 10/10- started watching this last summer as a miniseries but now it's going to be a show so i'm excited about it.
Grays Anatomy- Starts 9/25
Lost- starts 2009- if you haven't already been watching this, don't start
Private Practice- starts 10/1- I'm going to give this season another shot
Desperate Housewives- Starts 9/28
Brothers and Sisters- starts 9/28- one of the best shows on TV
Samantha Who- starts 10/6- this is only a 1/2 hour show so if you are looking for something quick and a comedy, this one is really funny!
Heroes- Starts 9/22
CSI Miami- i can't figure out when the new season of this starts

So it looks like i'm going to have a pretty busy fall. somehow i'm going to have to work in all the other stuff like work, and church activities, and baby planning, and anything else life may bring up. If you ever want to come over and watch a show, you are welcome to!


Connie said...

I'm so excited about Desperate Housewives! I like tv to. I am so not ashamed of that AND I grew up watching a lot of it and I'm not stupid or ADD or anything like that. Uh, you are missing America's Next Top should give it a try, it's pretty funny. It premiered last night but I think it re-shows on Sunday.

And having lots of tv to watch while you are pregnant is fun. :)

LNel said...

I have to admit that I love One Tree Hill. I also like Starter Wife, and I am glad they decided to bring it back as a series...I need to make sure it is on my DVR list. Have you watched Greek? It is on ABC Family Tuesday at 8 pm. It is really funny about college greek life. I am so glad to hear that Baby Harvey is doing well. Hope to see you guys soon! Fall Rocks! It always makes me want to quit my job and just make pumpkin bread!

Jay and Julie Foy said...

Did you forget Project Runway? and Design Star or whatever that other one is called? I also like ANTM although I am a little ashamed to admit it. House is hilarious!

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