Thursday, September 11, 2008

Modern Nursery

I posted something new on my design blog.... finally! It's about modern nursery furniture. I will probably have a bunch about nursery furniture and accessories since I'm going to need to pull everything together soon. I'm very open to suggestions for affordable modern so start looking!

Back to fall- i got another starbucks pumpkin steamer this morning, well, they first gave me a coffee drink of some sort and even though i was almost out of the parking lot before i realized it, i drove right back over and demanded my steamer.... without coffee (in a perfectly nice way). Then, i tasted my steamer before i got in the car and did a little happy fall dance when it tasted great. Did i mention i also got a pumpkin scone? Warm that up in the microwave and the beautiful smell of fall filled the room. Ahhhh, I love it!

And keep the TV suggestions coming. I'm stocking up in case I get put on bedrest later in the pregnancy. I wouldn't want to spend the time developing my mind or anything, I will spend it catching up on all the great TV shows that I haven't had time to watch during the season.

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