Monday, February 23, 2009

Pregnancy Update

What is that? That's the view I have when I look down.

If I had written this a week or two ago as I had intended it would be much different. I would have said that the 3rd trimester was going great, the best so far. Even though I couldn't stand for a long time I wasn't having that much trouble getting around and even though I wasn't sleeping, I still had a bunch of energy during the day.

Ah, well the last month is now kicking my butt. I'm getting quite uncomfortable and I don't know what to do about it except hope that I can make it to the end. I still don't sleep a lot for 2 reasons: 1- frequent potty breaks- but I'm pretty much used to those; and 2) carpal tunnel. Yes my friends, it is a symptom of pregnancy. I thought it was just an excuse for people to claim short term disability but I'm here to tell you, it is AWFUL! Horrible pain in my wrists through my hands. It's the swelling of the pregnancy and it's cutting off circulation to my hands. At first it started with numb fingers, which I can deal with. Now, I will wake up and not be able to straighten my fingers or move my wrists. Sometimes I am awakened by the equivalent of a charlie horse in my wrist. This is one thing I'm hoping will go away soon after I give birth. Luckily, it's not that bad during the day, I only notice it if i sit very still for a long time (like watching a movie) or typing a bunch. Otherwise, his movements have gotten a little more uncomfortable, and now i really can't stand or walk for very long at all. All I wanted was to have the kitchen clean tonight and I was limping around the kitchen because of the pain in my hip.

Oh well, I guess this is all part of the deal. I'm just ready for him to get here!


Lexi said...

I am sorry you are uncomfortable, but from what I hear, all mothers forget the discomfort once they hold their precious child. I dunno if I will have the same thoughts, but maybe you will :) He will be here before you know it! I will be praying for your discomfort to go away or at least be less noticeable to you.

DesignKat said...

Makes you wonder how the pioneer women did it. :) Hang in there...he's almost here!!

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