Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick update

If you haven't heard the whole household is sick right now. Mike and I have some sort of allergy weather changing cold junk and Cason is sick with respatory issues again. Not contagious sick but wake up multiple times in the middle of the night screaming have some more breathing treatments sick. We also learned from the doc that this respatory stuff may be something we have to deal with until he grows out of, whenever that is or it could turn into ashma. Not the greatest news.

As usual, to cope with our illnesses I turned to starbucks and target. Cason and I ran to target tonight to pick up his perscription but it takes 15 minutes to fill the perscription so I had that l had that long to drown my sorrows in the clearance rack. One perscription and a pair of red shoes, 3 candlesticks, diapers, starbucks, cornbread, and dog treats later we got home. Ugh, bein sick is hard on my wallet.

I tried Cason sitting in the cart like a big boy and I think he liked it. I looked like a total dork cause my cart cover is a little much. I'm going to start looking for one of those elastic ones.

P.s. I wrote this on my phone and I am not going to go back and check spelling so don't go all english teacher on me. Lil C is in the tub so I have to focus on him too.

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