Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacuum fail

I was cleaning fast and furiously when I saw a spider in casons play area.

A huge spider.

Approximately the size of my hand.

I dd what any one of you would do and sprayed him with an entire bottle of hairspray until he drowned. I thought hairspray wa supposes to make their legs stick together so they couldn't move but he seemed to be getting around just fine until the puddle of hairspray was so big he couldn't get out if it.

Then I decided to take the vacuum and suck it up. Quick and easy. Well that went just fine but I also decided to run the vacuum around the whole corner in case the spider had a whole family living in the corner.

That's when the problem began.

And really, where it's ended.

It won't come out.

I suppose I could try and take off the end of the vacuum but I'm afraid the spider will attack me. Naturally.

So that's how it sits, 4 hours later. I'm waiting for mike to come home and fix it. I asked him to please leave work and take care of it for me. But today's a crazy day. It would be.

Maybe I should call his boss and tell him about my delema.

Pastor Craig. Could mike please leave his very important staff meetings to help me remove the blind chords from the vacuum and possibly be attacked by a man eating spider.


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1 comment:

Linda said...

Did you consider just vacuuming up the spider? The suction would have probably killed it; or the dust in the vacuum would have suffocated it. And now you are out of hairspray. . .

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