Saturday, July 17, 2010

The cabin that Jesus built

Many people I have talked with over the past few days have been to falls creek for camp. It's a cool place. Churches in Oklahoma have built cabins there and you rent a cabin for your group.
I don't know what to expect... At all. I had seen a snapshot of some of the cabins online so I knew it would be plain. It is after all, camp.

Here is our quaint little cabin. It's one of the cuter ones. I think it was built in 1930 but the rest of the cabins look like world war 2 bunkers so I liked the homey look of this cabin.

Here's our kitchen with our cook hard at work. The kitchen had everything she needed so she was happy.

All of this would have been fine and good had it not been for this thing next door.

You are probably thinking what I am thinking- what a nice community building. I bet the kids enjoyed having their bible studies in there. Thats what I was thinking. In fact, as soon as I dropped off my stuff at the cabin I was ready to head over there to the Starbucks that was most certainly inside.

It's not a community space. It's a cabin. First baptist Ada's cabin. They felt that in a camp full of WWII bunkers that was the appropriate thing to build. Fully equipped with plasma tv's volleyball and basketball courts and who knows what else. Seriously?! I didn't speak with anyone about their decision to build that (the tour wasn't until Thursday and I left Tuesday) but it seems a little out of line. It's not that it's new it's that it's modeled after one of the Disney resorts. If this were Disney village thats perfectly acceptable, but this is a place to go and focus on God.
Our kids had to wake up every morning and gaze upon that huge structure and wonder why those kids got all the cool stuff.

At least our cook was better.

An we have the awards to prove it.

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