Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hotel zaza

We went to hotel zaza to stay the night for a mini vacation. Summer has been a little crazy and with my new teaching schedule my summer break didn't fall during a time we could do anything. So, that brings us to why we really just wanted to get away for the night.

I've wanted to stay at zaza since it was built. It's very themed and fun.

Here's our bed. It was a big room. Not a great view but we didn't pay for a great view.

We had a sitting area with a full size sofa and this chair and this awesome lamp.

There was a desk too!

We went to the Dragonfly restaurant at the hotel. It's rally nice and super yummy and the best part was, Wednesday nights are 1/2 off the entire menu. I said we were celebrating my birthday when I made the reservation so they gave us a dessert of mini cupcakes!

I had a spa treatment- reflexology. It's basically a foot massage and it was pretty much the only thing I could afford. When I got back I found this-

I love my boys.

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