Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes God Sends you to get a manicure.

Saturday morning I was up playing with Cason. I ran to the garage to take something out of the freezer and came back in to a screaming baby. I assumed he had fallen or rolled his little wagon over his foot. We comforted and soothed and went in to daddy for some more loving. I was trying to search his whole body to see if I could find out what was hurt. I finally found this:

Ouch. No wonder he's screaming.
He refused to walk for the next few hours and we were happy to carry him around. I even let him have a snack on the sofa. Finally he started walking (while holding his toe in the air).
At some point i noticed that a box that we had propped up in the den was no longer propped up. A box I told myself earlier that morning I needed to move because it wasn't safe there bit didn't move because I thought Cason wouldn't bother it. I was wrong apparently.

It continued to get darker and grosser over the next few days (be thankful i don't have pictures) but others who saw it said he would probably loose the toenail but it wasn't a big deal. So I didn't worry.

So Tuesday morning I went to get manicure. I was feeling a bit guilty cause I don't usually do that but when I started talking to the lady, she said I should ask the doc if they want to drain the blood and it would help with the healing. I would not have called the doctor unless I had gotten a manicure that day.

I called the doctor and they said if by some chance there was a fracture in the growth plate his toe would never grow. So I panicked a little bit and we decided to go ahead and bring him in.

They looked at it and said it probably was fine but go ahead and get an x-ray. Now is when I'm so thankful to go to cooks and everything is together right by my house. We head over there but I call mike on the way across re parking lot and tell him to please join me cause I'm a wimp and can't bare to hold down my child alone for an x-ray. They take the pictures and say they will get back with me the next day. A few hours later the doctor calls and says there is a fracture. Fabulous.

I call the bone doctor the next day and they get me in on Thursday. To shorten the story it's at the tip of his toe and it's not a big deal but it will take forever to heal. They gave us a boot or he can wear supportive shoes.

I'm not cut out to deal with this stuff! He is doing great, just wimpers when we say "toe" and holds it up when he walks barefoot sometimes.

I think the worst part is the conversation I had to have over and over with each new doctor:

- what fell on his toe
- a box
- like a moving box (judgement in voice)
- no, like an ikea box
- like a decorative box then ( still judgement- wondering why I have decorative boxes at my house that can break babies toes)
- no, more like a moving box then I guess
- oh, and how did it fall
- I don't know. I wasn't in the room okay. I left a hazardous box in my living room then left my baby alone to play with it. Please don't arrest me.

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