Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wish List Shoes

I live a happy normal like with my clearance rack jeans and my target shoes.  I don't need more... I rarely want more.  But I do want these.  Really bad.

Are they practical?  Probably Not.  Are there other sequin shoes out there?  Probably so.  Why do I want them?  I seriously have no idea!

They are sequin UGGS. 

I blame my mom.  When we were growing up we were not allowed to get the brown leather jacket with the map on the inside... or Jabeau jeans... or even a hypercolor shirt.  I was deprived of all these things that made someone in Jr. High cool.  Now I need the approval of the jr. highers.  So really i NEED these shoes... or else I shall go the rest of my life seeking the brands that will make you popular to fill the void in my life that a lack of Guess jeans left.

I have no idea how much these shoes are.  I cannot look.  I'm thinking they cost more than I spent on my kitchen table. 

Disclaimer: I was not deprived as a child.  Please do not judge my mother for not providing me with these things.  It is mostly not her fault I was not cool in jr. high.  We were dressed just fine in our Gap clothes....unfortunatly Gap was not that cool for Jr. Highers.  Even though I am aware of my issues, I'm doing the same thing to my child.  The sales are just so good.

Disclaimer 2: I will not be getting these for Christmas.  I already know that.  It just helps me to share sometimes. 


Jules said...

You can borrow my sequined gold tranny boots I wore when I dressed up as Cher! They are probably even cooler!!

Dina said...

Maybe Santa can get them for you. And they were on Oprah's favorite things show. Maybe she has a couple of extra pairs laying around that she can give you!

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