Wednesday, May 4, 2011

School Easter Egg Hunt

They have an Easter egg hunt at school and it was great fun.  There was a hunt last year when he was 1 but I wouldn't so much call it a "hunt" as a "roll".  This year, it was serious.  It was every 2 year old for himself. 
 And they are off...
 Shiloh is ready to go too.
 Finding eggs is so much fun. It's hard to find them in this crazy carpet!  He started out slow, even with the encouraging words from his parents mom.
 Then he hit the motherload. 
 Counting our eggs.  The school had smartly taped them together so there was no sneaking candy.
 Shiloh managed to break into one.  Bliss.
 And then everything changed.  The teachers took all the eggs away.  every. last. one. 
Cason was very sad.  He worked hard for those eggs. 

Don't worry.  He recovered quickly and all was forgotten. 

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