Thursday, September 15, 2011

Picture Before and After

I needed a picture to go in my laundry room.  I had the perfect spot and a vision- just needed the picture. 

So I stuck Cason in the dryer for a photoshoot.  I took a bunch of pictures and only one was going to work.

I started with this picture.  I know it doesn't look professional but I'm okay with that.  I like having pictures around that are candid and show some of the facial expressions or actions that I see on a day to day basis.

I took the photoshop to edit it a bit before I sent it off to be put on a canvas. 

I had a look in mind that I was going for so I edited it a little more than I usually do.  The edges look a little funny because I needed some extra room to stretch around the canvas.  You can't see it at all in the final product. 

Check THIS POST to see where I used this awesome picture.

And check THIS LINK to see who put this picture on canvas for me.

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