Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacation- Part 2. Houston!

So after our night in Salado we headed to Houston to visit our friends Jay and Julie.  They live in Sugarland and promised to show us all the cool stuff.

One night we went to a french restaurant- Aria.  It was delicious!

Here are Jay and Julie.  Aren't they cute!

They have a son Cason's age.  They love to play together. 

We also went to the Childrens Museum.  The one in Houston is AWESOME.  It's less expensive than the one in Fort Worth and way bigger.  The kids loved it and they were exhausted when we left.  Two signs of a good day.

This is a pic of us driving to Houston.  It should be at the beginning of the blog but it isn't. 
He is holding a mini boogie board we found at Target.  He calls it his skateboard and loves throwing on the ground and standing on it.

Here are the boys playing at a mexican restaurant.  They were so silly. 

Soon I will post pictures from my high tea.  You don't want to miss those!

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