Sunday, October 2, 2011

Portugal for Thanksgiving

It's official!  Michelle Langley and I will be heading to Portugal the week before Thanksgiving to help our friends and missionaries there the Gereckes

The plane tickets are purchased and we will be taking off November 15th for a week of cooking and serving Thanksgiving dinners to groups that the Gereckes have been ministering to. 

I'm excited... and nervous.... and overwhelmed... and ready... and soooo not ready. 

There seems to be a lot to do- trying to plan recipes and figure out what ingredients are in Portugal and what ingredients we need to take with us... and how we are going to take them with us and how much money we need to buy groceries there and how much money we need to buy groceries here and how am I going to survive a VERY long trip there and a slightly shorter trip back.

Not to mention I have never left Cason for more than 2 nights and I really will miss him terribly.  I mean sooooo much.

I wrote HERE a little more about how I felt led to go on this trip, and that has not changed.  If anything, God has continued to confirm that I am doing the right thing. 

Right now prayer support is what we need:

- Pray for the people of Portugal- that God would begin to soften their hearts for the team that goes in October (including my husband and brother) and continued to work in their hearts for the November trip as well.

- That Michelle and I would be able to organize the food, recipes and grocery lists before the trip.

- For peace as Michelle and I prepare to leave our families for a week.  That childcare for our 2 year olds would be easy to find and we can leave without any worries for our family.

- For the Gereckes- they have a lot of prep work for the October and November teams and they could use some supernatural help on that. 

- That the Lord will provide the funds- Michelle and I have begun the fundraising process and we are trusting  that the Lord will provide what we need.

If the Lord is leading you to support this trip, there are several ways you can do that.  We need money- to help pay for trip expenses as well as groceries in Portugal.  In the coming weeks I will also be telling you about the grocery needs that we will have.  We will be taking lots of food with us and we will need donations to help with that as well.

If you would like to help with the money- you can send a check to:
First Baptist Church Colleyville- Attn. Dale Molden
5405 Pleasant Run
Colleyville, TX 76102
Please put "Portugal November Trip" in the memo line.

Thank you so much and stay tuned for updates.  We had a "practice" cooking night and I have lots of insight to share!

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L Gerock said...

Catherine ~
This trip sounds amazing! I am very excited for you. I know you will find a way to make it work, just try to keep peace in your heart as you plan and not to stress too much :)
My friends have had great success mailing me packages of groceries before in Taiwan, you might try that now before you leave and see if the package makes it to your missionary friends there.

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