Friday, February 3, 2012

Half Way Done- Foster/Adopt Process

I’ve been saying we are half way done but that’s truly just an estimate on my part.  I don’t get a 1/2 way certificate or a high five or anything like that.  Some checkmarks on our list is all I have to go by.  We have done about 26 hours of the 50 hours of training and done about half the paperwork. 
There’s a lot of paperwork but it’s really nothing difficult.  I saved the difficult stuff for last.  Like now we need to create a floor plan of our house with all the emergency exit routes and location of the fire extinguisher.  Oh wait, I do that for a living so that shouldn’t be too hard! 
We also have the fire inspection left.  The city of Hurst fire inspector will come to the house and make sure everything is safe.  We are waiting to make that call until the new office is finished (long story) and we have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and a smoke detector in every room.  All minor changes but all cost money and we need a little more time on that. 

The trainings have been good.  They are mostly trying to get us ready to work with children who are abused and neglected and how to make sure WE don’t get in trouble with CPS.  It’s heartbreaking to sit and hear about the level of abuse these children are coming to foster care with.  It reminds me of how broken our world is.  I don’t understand how someone could hurt a child so badly they may never recover.  It reminds me that we live in a sinful world, a broken world.  Thank goodness it’s only temporary!

It also reminds me why we are doing this.  Not in a “we are so great for taking care of children” way but a “who do we think we are that we can make a difference?  I can’t even keep my house clean, how can I make a difference?”  It’s hard and it’s heavy and it’s discouraging.  I guess we have to stay focused on what God has called us to do.  It seems so small and insignificant but that’s not the point.  We want to show the love of Christ to whatever child(ren) are placed in our home, our caseworker, CPS worker, bio parents, etc.  We want them to know that they are loved, valued and cherished and no matter what happened in their past, it does not define them.  It doesn’t take a super hero to tell a child that.  Just regular people like you and me… and thank goodness, cause I’m so far from a superhero!

Meanwhile we have started telling Cason he is getting a sister sometime soon.  He’s thrilled.  Okay not really.  He doesn’t know what to say about it.  I don’t think he really understands.  Right now he would really rather have a real racecar or a scooter or a trip to the beach than a sister.  Oh well, he has to learn the world doesn’t revolve around him at some point!

I’ll show you more of our progress around the house to get ready soon.  If you are on pinterest I have a pinterest board with the things I love for a girl nursery if you are interested.  More of that coming later….

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amberdawn said...

Ok, I am finally getting time to sit down and really read and catch up on your blog! :) And I just want to tell you how awesome y'all are for following God and stepping out in this leap of faith. I cried while reading this, because I do know the brokenness and horror that is out there for children, and I am so thankful that you and Mike will get to be involved in a child's life, and show them what true love and protection looks like, and be the hands and feet of Jesus to them. And also, Cat- take captive all thoughts, worries, and stress- that is ONLY from the enemy and is a tool from the pit of hell to try and put a stumbling block in the way of God's plan! Love you girl!

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