Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progress in the Nursery

I don't know what to call the room for our future foster child because if we get a 3 yr old I suppose it won't be called a nursery- but for now we are going to go with nursery. It's easier than "future girl child room/nursery for foster or adopt child".

2 days ago I posted a picture of the room. Today I'm happy to report it looks much better.

I have had help. Lindsey came and helped move all the stuff into the office and my mom has been helping clean and organize.

And look...

A crib!
Yes, it's the same color of the wall right now but just wait!

We are in medication training right now so I better get back to listening. Here's a snapshot of one of the slides:

There's a test (no seriously, there is) so I need to listen.

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