Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adoption Party

I waited 15 months to have this party!  I even skipped having a 1st birthday party for her so I could focus on this.  I wanted to celebrate her adoption!  As with most parties- I had this planned in my head for a long time.  And I bought her shirt and her bow before she was officially Zoe.  Some things you just know!

zoe cate adoption
Our church has a great patio where we could have the party.  It really took a village to pull this off.  I’ll try to thank everyone who helped because we really couldn’t have done it alone!
Here’s the party girl!
I think this picture was after the party was over- June in Texas- I was super sweaty!  But don’t mind that.  My friend Julie wrote this chalkboard for us.  Zoe’s bow… it looks like a dinner plate on her head.  I love it!
My friends make adorable children!
I hired some models to stand at the entrance of the party.  Every good party needs models.
Bella and Zoe enjoying the AC!  Bella is Rene’s beautiful daughter and Rene is the photographer who took all these photos.  check out her company Roots Photography and hire her immediately for your family photos!  She also takes our family photos AND we are going to Portugal together.  Rene has the biggest heart ever!!!  She didn’t think it was enough to take pictures so she and her husband also smoked all of the meat for lunch!  
My salsa is NOT world famous- but a couple of weeks before this event we had VBS.  I made the salsa for the VBS workers and they were practically drinking it with a spoon.  It’s as if they had not eaten in days.  So I made it again the next day and declared it famous.
Good signage at a party is important! 
My friend Anna did the flower arrangements.  I had collected the tea tins they are in for about a year but at the last minute doing flower arrangements made me want to cry.  I can do lots of things but flower arranging is not one of them! 
I made the little straw flags for the arrangements.  Well, originally I was going to make them for all the drinks but I didn’t have time for that!
The fans and lanterns were left over from my sisters wedding.  The paper was some wrapping paper I found in my stash- I had picked it up from the dollar spot at Target years ago.  The tea tins are from my favorite kind of tea.  If you are a tea lover, check Harney & Sons brand out.
A friend of ours came and fried things with his giant fryer.  This stuff is delicious and I even had him fry some apples so it would be healthy.


My mom had this fabulous cake made.  It tasted as delicious as it looked! 
I got her shirt from THIS SHOP on etsy.  I had purchased a “5” shirt for Cason’s birthday and asked if she could do a custom one for Zoe.  She did and it’s wonderful!  You can’t really tell but it says Zoe Cate on the side and a big Z on the front.  They are the softest, best shirts everrrrr.  I highly recommend them. 
I got her bow from THIS SHOP.  I’m pretty sure I need to buy all of these bows.   
ZZ16 ZZ17 ZZ18 ZZ19 ZZ20 ZZ21
The kids had a great time!  My friend Michelle brought the washer pit for an activity and the sand volleyball courts served as a great way to keep the kids occupied while the adults sat in the shade. 

I had so much fun planning and hosting this party!  I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

There were so many people that came to help decorate and organize.  Sabrina, Paige, Lauren, Anna... my mom and sister are always a huge help for these crazy parties I want to throw.  Thank you, thank you.

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