Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Love Birchbox!


Does anyone else love Birchbox? 

It’s so fun!  Here’s the deal.  Every month you get a box of beauty products delivered for $10.  Most are sample sized but a generous sample size and sometimes you will get a full size.  You set up a beauty profile so you can decided what kind of products you want to get.  Like I said “no perfume”.

I have lots of beauty products now and there’s some stuff I don’t have to buy anymore because I get them enough.  Plus- it’s way more fun to try before you buy.

phone 1 345

They also send a card that tells what everything is, how to use it, and how much it costs for a full size.

phone 1 354

Here’s what I got this month:


 phone 1 351

1st up- a lip balm- great for this season of cold and dryness.  I’ve used it and I really like it!

phone 1 349

A mascara- it’s works well, don’t know how much curling it does but I really like it so far!

 phone 1 348

Dry shampoo.  I was soooo excited about this one because I love me some dry shampoo.  I’ve only used suave so it was great to have a fancy brand to try.

 phone 1 347

Sometimes they will throw “lifestyle” products in.  I love it when it’s chocolate or tea.  This is my least favorite product in the box but it smells really good… like Christmas even.

 phone 1 346

I haven’t tried this face mask yet.  You look absolutely ridiculous when you put it on so I have to wait for everyone to be gone. 


So then when you get your products you can write a review on them on the birchbox web site and earn points, then with 100 points you get $10 towards your next purchase.  It adds up quickly and it’s fun to pick out free stuff!

Here’s the link to check them out.  Birchbox Web Site.  There might be a waiting list to get boxes but put your email on it and they will let you know when there’s a spot. 


I didn’t get any bonuses to write this.  I wish I had but I just wrote it because I really like getting beauty stuff every month!  Do you love birchbox too?

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