Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dine by Design

Every year our church has an event called Dine by Design. The ladies decorate tables to their hearts content and then have a big dinner party complete with a speaker at the end. This year my theme was "Damask Road" and I had a lot of fun choosing things to decorate with. My tip of the day: they make rub-ons in scrapbooking with various shapes and words. I read somewhere that you can use those on glass so i did on my candle holders and they looked great. Then, decided to use them on the plastic cups you see on the table. They turned out great and even stayed on through the dishwasher. Thanks to my sweet friends for helping rub them on the cups the night we decorated. It does take a little hard work!


Anonymous said...
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Jay and Julie Foy said...

pretty table!!

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