Thursday, April 3, 2008

A smart find.

We found this at Pottery Barn and it's quite brilliant. It's not as modern as I typically like but it's so practical we had to get it. It's called a charging station or something and there is a built in power strip on the inside that you can plug everything in to and keep it organized and neat. There is even a little drawer up front for extra stuff. The only problem is, there is enough room for 2 more things to plug in but because the plugs are so big nothing else will fit. But I still like it. This color is on sale right now so it made it particularly appealing.

1 comment:

LNel said...

I love those things, but I am too cheap to buy one. I am glad to hear they are on sale, but I probably am still too cheap. Enjoy being organized. I love organization!!

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