Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair that describes my day

A bit crazy. I started the day looking for new flooring. That was a bust. We really need to figure out if we have a drainage problem that is causing our slab to be wet before we can figure out what material will work. So, calls to contractors, landscapers banks, etc. Still no nothing, including whether or not we will have the money to do these now necessary projects.
This afternoon I dropped my phone on the ground like I have a hundred times trying to get Cason out of the car. This time I shattered the screen. Oh well. It still works and my contract is up this summer anyways. Just in time for the new one.
I'm going to bed... Except Cason doesn't seem to feel like sleeping... Just screaming.
Me too sweetie, me too. :)

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DesignKat said...

Hang in there....

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