Sunday, June 13, 2010

When life gives you lemons make blueberry basil lemonade

Wow. What a week. Vbs was this week and it was completely exhausting but nothing compared to what was going on at home.

Remember those beautiful bamboo floors I had put in a few weeks ago? The ones I haven't even had time to put good photos of. Well, they are gone. Like they weren't even here. In their place? Bare. Untreated. Concrete.

If I could pull myself off the chair I could post pictures but my legs don't work anymore because I have spent the weekend dusting everything. We. Own. I'm not even kidding.

So what happened. Short story. The floors buckled beyond repair and they had to come up. They say it's because our concrete is too damp and we need to fix te drainage problem in our backyard or wood wouldn't work at all. We are getting a second opinion. Maybe a third. Oh, I'm getting my money back too.
For now we are stuck watching a 50" tv from 2' away. It's a little much.

Hopefully I can go puck out new floors tomorrow. Who knows what we will find.

Here's what we get to live on until then.

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1 comment:

Lauren said...

Why don't you just stain the concrete. I love stained concrete. I had a friend that did that on their new house and they LOVE it! Keeps cooling costs down too - just a thought

Do a google image search - lots of cool options

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