Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Road Trip- Oklahoma City

I took Mike on a wonderful vacation for his birthday.  He turned 31 the day before Cason turned 1.  Since it had been a crazy year and his birthday will forever be overshadowed by Casons, I thought it would be fun to take him somewhere.  We have been to San Antonio a bunch and I had read about Bricktown in Oklahoma City once and I thought it would be fun.  So, I booked the best looking bed and breakfast I could find. 

IMG_0166 This is the outside.  Nice.

march 040

Here’s our bathroom.  It was very cute and old.  I had gotten a special package that included bath “amenities”, chocolate dipped strawberries, sparkling grape juice and an in-room massage.  Since it was Mikes birthday, I told him he could have the massage… but lucky for me, he didn’t want it!

march 039

Here’s our strawberries.  They were super yummy!

march 041

Mike and I were both sick that day and but we did find a really nice place for dinner and drove around a little that evening.

march 042

Here’s the awesome wallpaper and lamp that was in our room.  I’m trying to find copies so I can have my very own.

march 044

Bricktown… hmmm…. we were not really impressed.  there was not very much shopping at all and not much to see.  We found a good place to eat but that’s about it.

march 048

The Oklahoma City Memorial is worth going to see.  I’ve been twice and it’s incredibly powerful. I’m going to try and post pictures on my other blog soon.  Maybe because it happened so close to home or maybe because I remember when it happened.  I don’t know why I’m so moved by the memorial but it’s truly an amazing site.  I highly recommend you going to Oklahoma City just for this.

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Linda said...

I will help you find the wallpaper and lamp. Think I saw it the other day. . .

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