Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you see the bump?

I don't really. It's there but it doesn't bother me. Maybe cause I can't see my profile in the mirror. I'm thankful for that in so many ways. It still aches on some days but it's getting a lot better!

I went to the ENT and she said I should have no problem with my nose in the future and I didn't have to fix it. When she was looking in my nose she said one of my nasal passages looked swollen or something. She asked if I had allergies and I said no because of course I don't. I told her I just get consistent colds at certain times during the year. To that she replied "uh, don't you think that might be allergies?". Nope. I don't have time or money for allergies so I'll go with cold thank you. She prescribed flonase or some kind of nasal spray and although it wasn't what I went in for, I was very grateful for her find.

On Sunday I went to a park. Soon after I got there I started sneezing and itching and eyes watering and nose running. I pretty much feel awful today. So clearly, it's not allergies. That sounds nothing like the symptoms from all those allergy commercials for medicine I can't afford. I'm going to go use my nose spray and hope I feel better in the morning!

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1 comment:

Lauren said...

lol...when I read your title - I thought maybe we were going to be hearing about a "baby bump" - LOL

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