Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lakeway Resort and Spa

When we were on Lake Travis last year (see previous blog post) we took a few days away from our resort to go to another resort across the lake.  Since the first resort was practically free we thought it would be fun to stay somewhere really nice for two nights. 

I researched all the big resorts around the Austin area and decided on Lakeway Resort and Spa.  This resort looked incredibly nice but was the most affordable. 

It turned out to be a great choice.  Since we were there at the end of September there was no one there.  It was great.  They knew our name, they got us whatever we needed. 

 Here is our room.  You can't tell much because we have already trashed it but it's pretty big and it was nice.  We started with a parking lot view but the second night we switched to a lake view.  Much better.

 I just liked these chairs.  I think they would go great in my house and I wanted to steal them but I took a picture instead.  Any place that has chairs like this is alright in my book. 
 I didn't get the best pictures of the pools but there are about 4.  There are little conversation areas at the bottom of the picture.  You can see but this pool overflows into another pool below.  I believe this is the adult section of the pool.  There is also a swim up bar.  Since no one was at the resort we didn't really get to see how this all worked.
 This is part of the building with the conference center and spa.  The spa is on what looks like the bottom floor but it's actually not.  I did go to the spa and it was amazing.  The relaxation room had an indoor and outdoor part so you could sit over the water and relax.
 The pool that we liked had the beach entry and the little fountains.  It kept C plenty entertained and was really safe. 
 Here's another view of that pool looking back at the buildings.
 Cason loves the water!
This is what got me.  My favorite brand of tea in our rooms.  I'm a fan of any place that has good quality tea in the rooms. 

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a lakeside resort but don't want to spend what some of the name brand places charge.  I liked that it wasn't very crowded but if you are into groups apparently it's really hoppin in the summertime.  I believe they have concerts by the pool on the weekends and stuff. 

I couldn't resist adding some pictures from the web site since they are so much better than mine. 
 This is the relaxation room at the spa... see, I told you it was nice!
 Here's a view of all the pools.  The waterslide wasn't open when we were there but it looked fun!
 Here's a better view of the room.  This is one with a lake view- we thought the lake view was worth the upgrade.
Here's a beautiful night view.  There are more pictures on the web site.

I'm already trying to find a time we can go back!

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