Friday, April 22, 2011

How does your garden grow?

This year, I decided we needed a vegetable garden.  To grow our own vegetables.  So we can afford to eat.  Have you looked at the price of tomatoes lately? 

I told Mike about my plan for our new garden and he gave me a funny look.  Maybe because I don't garden.  I don't even like the outdoors- there are bugs out there.  Nevertheless, my mind was made up.

From the extremely small amount of research that I did, a raised garden is the best way to grow vegetables so that is what we did. 

 We decided to use a flower bed kit from Home Depot.  You can easily make your own but we weighed the cost of lumber and supplies and the kit and found the kit to be the most affordable option for us.  This is 3 kits and each square is 4'x4'.  I helped put them together (not shown).  Mike is disturbing the soil that will be under the garden.  It helps with drainage... or so I was told.  We put a weed barrier down after that (not shown). 
 Next we filled it with dirt.  By we I mean Mike.  I went to the store to pick up the dirt but that's where my involvement ended.  The dirt was the most expensive investment I think.  There are probably less expensive ways to get dirt- like digging a swimming pool- but for time we just purchased it at Lowes. 
 Next came the planting.  We used some seeds and some plants from Calloways.  I'll be covering the plants we used in a later post but 2 of the beds are vegetables and one is herbs. 
 My mom helped with the planting.  She will be taking some of the veggies so I thought she should be put to work.  The hardest worker was that little thing in the back. 
 Lots of water on those new plants. 
 Watering is serious business.  Look at that lip- pure concentration.  I would also like to point out what a trendsetter I have.  Some people wear sunglasses on their heads but that's overdone.  Wearing sunglasses on your stomach is the new thing to do. 
 Here it is all finished. 

The cute plant tags are from ikea and the little windmill things are supposed to keep the critters away.  And I think they look pretty.

I talk to the garden every morning.  It's totally healthy.  I also pray for my garden.  I pray for a bountiful harvest.  So many vegetables I have to give some away to friends.  I know it sounds silly but I had a friend who had a peach tree that had never produced fruit.  One winter, her husband prayed that the tree would fruit and that summer they had so many peaches she was bringing bags to the office.  I made all of Casons peach baby food with her peaches.  Times are tough right now and everyone would like to save money at the grocery store.  Maybe some of my vegetables will help with that. 

This morning I read this: 
For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.  Isaiah 61:11

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Dina said...

Love your garden. Just prayed for it too!

And I wish my sunglasses would fit on my stomach!

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