Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crazy Weekend

It's been a crazy weekend so I thought I would catch you up at once. Friday night was my office Halloween carnival. We decorate the office and put out games for the kids and have a costume contest and eat good food. It was a lot of fun but very tiring, there's always a lot of cleaning up to do after a big party.

Saturday I got up and my friend Lori came over and we made Christmas cards. I had someone order some of my cards so I almost finished making those for her. Then I started cleaning the guest room (yes, I know that wasn't scheduled until next month but look at it... I'll need the extra time), we went to Lowes to look at fireplace screens and found nothing, did you know it was impossible to find a contemporary fireplace screen for under $400. When I got back I attempted to organize our schedule on a chalkboard in the office. I'm pretty sure this won't help at all to keep us on schedule and stress free but I thought I would try. Then we watched Transformers on DVD and it was still greatness.

Sunday morning we went to church, I left early to go to another church to help present a design for their new buildings. Then I came home, ate lunch, put away the laundry, cleaned in the guest room, worked out, and put the dishes away. I headed back up to the church for the Trunk or Treat carnival for a few hours and then headed to the grocery store.
All was going well until I headed to get my last item at Target. I was standing in front of the Hostess snacks and didn't see my chocolate 100 calorie Hostess snacks. I searched and they were defiantly not there. I felt myself start to melt down. If you are thinking that seems silly, then you must not be counting every calorie. These Hostess snacks are only 1 point not the typical 2 of other 100 calorie snacks. Also, they taste pretty decent- for artificially sweetened cardboard. It's pretty much the only thing that gets me through a sugar craving in the middle of the workday. So back to the meltdown- I saw the snacks were missing and could feel myself rocking the cart back and forth as i swayed while screaming NOOOOO in my head. Just as I felt my knees start to bend so that I could curl up on the floor in front of the Hostess shelf, I thought, "It's not worth making a scene." So I dragged myself to the checkout and home. I think I'm tired. Fortunately, I made it home in time to eat dinner and get in front of the TV for my shows. I hope you are also watching TV like all good americans should be. I hope to be in bed soon.

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