Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's time for new clothes.

I just put up my summer clothes and got out my winter clothes. That is the pile of summer clothes. I have about 10 sweaters for winter to replace all those summer things. Get used to seeing me wear the same thing every day. I think at the end of last winter I pulled out all my old clothes and ebayed them thinking that I could just buy new clothes at the beginning of this winter. I probably should have thought ahead- if I couldn't afford the clothes then, it's possible I won't be able to afford them later. The lady at Banana today tried to tell me that if I spend $800 before the end of the year I could get their "deluxe" membership card for life instead of just year by year. Was she kidding? Has she ever heard of a guy named Dave (See Amish Swinneys)? I can't imagine having $800 to spend on clothes in the next 2 months, that would be nice though. The weatherman is saying it's going to be cold tomorrow. Looks like I pulled out the sweaters just in time. Let me know if you find any good sales so I can stock up on some winter clothes!

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